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Non-slip 'stickers' for bath (instead of bath mat)

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fimac1 Sun 09-Oct-05 21:07:45

Does anyone know where to get the non-slip stickers to put in the bath, instead of a bath mat? Not to 'babyish' if poss


kid Sun 09-Oct-05 21:10:43

some here and probably lots more on Ebay. Those were the first ones I found.

ScarySkribble Sun 09-Oct-05 23:29:50

Woolworths, B&Q etc

ediemaybeabat Sun 09-Oct-05 23:33:07

I gfot some fish-shaped ones from Perfectly Happy People

NightHowl Mon 10-Oct-05 00:33:09


magnolia1 Sat 15-Oct-05 12:39:25

I do betterware. There are some lovely dilphin ones

magnolia1 Sat 15-Oct-05 12:39:44

and some dolphin ones

lotsofmischief Wed 20-Jul-11 20:32:44

I know this is an old post, but for anyone who is still looking I have just got some very discreet circular white non slip bath stickers (that haven't ruined my lovely new bathroom!) from a company called non slip bath

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