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'Gap 'sleepsuit' (without legs) for newborn - where can I get one online

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Cha Thu 04-Sep-03 11:23:30

Got one of these a few days ago in the Gap sale in Covent Garden before ds born. It has arms and a kind of 'skirt' that has an elasticated bottom. Ds is now 3 days old and it is invaluable. It makes night time changes when you are half asleep much easier as there are not the millions of tiny poppers up the inside leg to do. Especially as newborns are all so coiled up it's a struggle to get their legs to keep still.
I looked at the Gap website but it appears to be US only. Is there a stockist where I can order one (or similar) online? Neither of us can quite face a trip into central London searching for them. If indeed there are any left.

hoxtonchick Thu 04-Sep-03 11:29:18

John Lewis have them. Don't know if they're on the website though...

Katherine Thu 04-Sep-03 11:44:38

green baby do one with a drawstring at the bottom in orgnaic cotton if thats the sort of thing you mean.

Jimjams Fri 05-Sep-03 21:56:33

I bought some from gymboree (this was over 4 years ago though). They might be worth cheking out.

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