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Beckermann Kitchens

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Barbicangirl Thu 20-Jun-19 12:30:10

Hi, did you get a Beckermann kitchen in the end? I'm weighing up a Nobilia or Beckermann in white gloss. Thanks

nevermore Thu 27-Jan-11 22:01:01

Hi, nothing too specific but probably medium sized including an island/breakfast bar, contemporary style (white gloss possibly) with builders to install. Have you any experience with them?

korbitz Tue 25-Jan-11 06:21:22

Do you have some idea of size, style,etc?

nevermore Sat 22-Jan-11 18:50:49

Has anyone an idea how much a Beckermann kitchen costs, obviously it varies with size but just in rough terms? Have trawled google but it remains a mystery. Thanks.

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