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The new Mothercare Urbanite Stroller looks AMAZING!!!!!

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readytobeamum Fri 21-Jan-11 20:12:51

wowee. I have just seen this stroller on the mothercare website and it looks amazing!!!! has anyone got it?

I haven't found anything like it, it folds away really flat and is suitable from birth!

TruthSweet Wed 26-Jan-11 15:27:40

It has the world's most useless hood IMHO. I fail to see how it could provide any shade or protection from wind.

I'm really not impressed with it in general either, and I certainly wouldn't put a newborn in it.

Sorry. I'd rather get a Baby Jogger City Mini (have just got the double version and it ticks all the boxes except parent facing).

babycarer2011 Sun 30-Jan-11 03:46:20

I really impressed by this product, as one or my friend had this stroller for her new born son. The hood is lovely working well from windy or shade as the hood skirt can easily attached on the backrest. Also my friend advised this troller is the most maneurabile stroller she met......

auntyfash Sun 30-Jan-11 04:01:20

Not seen this one but what do you think of the Mothercare Spin in black? My dd wants this pram for her baby and I'm paying for it, but would love to hear what others think of it.

auntyfash Sun 30-Jan-11 04:02:55

Just had a look at the urbanite and don't think it's very pretty or substantial. I'm old though and like "proper" prams ;)

ilovesprouts Sun 30-Jan-11 05:07:57

auntyfash i love the mothercare spin my dd was going to buy it ...but cost too much sad

hazel1975 Tue 19-Apr-11 15:26:42

has anyone else got this yet?
We have it and we cannot adjust the waist strap to go around DD who is 2.... have been to 2 stores.. all agree that its not right as it cannot be adjusted. Head office arent prepared to do anything about it and have said that as its a new model they have to wait and see if there are any other issues with it
as a good will they have given us a pink harness to use to secure her in the buggy but i dont think its good enough....
anyone else had a similar issue?

Sadowska Sat 02-Jul-11 15:36:20

I have bought it a week ago and it works a treat :-) It is the quality you expect from Maclaren strollers. The manouverability of it is simply amazing, the suspension system is the best we tried. It looks mega cool as well :-)
As to the straps... yeah, it takes some getting used to as they are attached to the seat completely differently to anything we've seen. My DH thought at the beginning it's a fault when we looked at it in the store but started playing with it and realized it's not :-) it's actually quite clever solution as you only extend / shorten the straps at the top and to extend the waist all you need to do is push the locking clips up. This allows you to extend the waist without any buckles left at your baby's back proding them on every bump. :-D
Also, FAO auntyfash, this is a stroller, not a pram. There's a difference.
As to the hood... well, this is the issue i have with any umbrella folding stroller, although this is a massive improvement on all the others i have seen (apart from Maclaren Techno XT). IMHO the hood should extend further than it does as the smaller kids still can't get any shade... :-( but in a luing down position, the side wings are super protective of the draft :-)
Overall score from me : 9/10.

thisisyesterday Sat 02-Jul-11 15:41:05

it looks like a bog-standard stroller tbh, just like any other you can get

lockets Sat 02-Jul-11 15:45:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sadowska Tue 12-Jul-11 15:00:04

What stroller is NOT standard? Kinda pointless comments.
It is hands down the best stroller i have ever used.

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