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Bron Tue 02-Sep-03 16:55:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janh Tue 02-Sep-03 17:20:49

Hi, Bron - this will be a bit "on the one hand"/"on the other hand"...

My second two both had a lambskin (known as "sheepie" ) but that was before the no overheating/sleeping on back/don't use quilts advice and now they are out of favour.

However they both loved theirs, slept on it in the cot mostly (and DS1 slept on his front!) but occasionally sat/lay on it elsewhere, and I liked the idea that even if they kicked all their covers off they were still warm. (But then there are grobags now...) They are lovely to sit/lie on - very resilient, IYKWIM - nice buggy liner.

Washing them is a performance too - they can go in the machine with a liquid woolwash, and they advise you to rinse with glycerine to keep the skin supple, but the actual skin takes ages to dry.


aloha Tue 02-Sep-03 18:29:27

I do believe that if you wedge a child on their side it's perfectly safe. Also, once a child can roll there is little you can do! I used the lambskin for lying on on the floor and in the buggy, but not in bed as it didn't seem to help. friends swear by them. I now use it as a bedside rug for him, and every single night after his bath I say, go and roll on your rug, and he has an ecstatic naked roll around on it. So for us, even though he didn't sleep on it, it's been very good value.

DaddyCool Tue 02-Sep-03 18:36:29

Does anyone know where you can get these cheap? They are about £40 in the catalogues and shops. Has anyone managed to get a lambskin for cheaper?

I don't mean to be a cheapskate but I don't want to purchase one of these things, DS doesn't take to it and I'm £40 the poorer!

codswallop Tue 02-Sep-03 18:46:50

I got mine from J lewis and wah it on the machine normally. AM convinced it swhy mine like cuddlie so ,uch now. Ds1 is very tactile and "sensuous" too - aware of smell and touch etc

Bron Wed 03-Sep-03 10:46:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

florenceuk Wed 03-Sep-03 11:25:27

Ikea have lambskins for £25.

boyandgirl Thu 04-Sep-03 11:08:58

Lambskin was brilliant in the buggy during the heatwave - dd didn't get sweaty or hot at all, whereas in the carseats both of them got overheated and soggy with sweat. You can get machine washable ones, but, as long as they've not been badly vomitted on or soaked in eg milk, a good shake and airing in sunlight is all they need.

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