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Baby Bjorn for a 4 week old

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AZet Fri 07-Jan-11 11:20:42

Please help!

I have a BB which apparently is good for newborns as well but my family has been telling me that babies up to 3 months HAVE to be placed flat all the time.. and that such carriers will damage my babies spine. He is almost 5 weeks now.

I am torn and have no idea whom to trust.


RobynLou Fri 07-Jan-11 11:26:06

you can carry babies in slings from birth, but the baby bjorn is a crotch dangler - the way it holds the baby is bad for their spine, but that goes for all babies, not just tiny ones.

have you ever heard of moby wraps or close carriers? they cradle the babies spine in a way that doesn't harm it, even if it's in there all day.

AZet Fri 07-Jan-11 16:28:02

yes, I have KariMe soft sling but he hates it and cries like crazy in it...

allnightlong Fri 07-Jan-11 16:32:54

Azet I second what Robyn has said about BB.

If he doens't like wraps have you tried a Mei Tai they are a similar sort of design as BB but soft structured so much better for their spine plus usually far more comfortable for you to wear.
This website has good info on the subject plus many different types.
[[ ers-tieon-soft-carriers-c-10_99_97.html]]

fairimum Fri 07-Jan-11 17:00:07

we have a connecta which was fab from birth and great for dd who hated the moby wrap!

fairimum Fri 07-Jan-11 17:00:32

meant to say still use it most nows now hse is 2.5years for dog walks when she gets tired!

castleonthehill Sat 08-Jan-11 12:54:32

If he hate the kari- me. Don't buy anything unless you can borrow one from a friend to try it. The Kari -me is much more comfortable than the baby bjorne. You may just need to practise and try a time when he is calm and happy and doesn't need a feed.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 08-Jan-11 13:11:05

Can you get to a local sling meet, alternatively the natural mamas forum is really good for all sorts of sling advice.

BertieBotts Sat 08-Jan-11 13:17:41

What carry have you tried in the kari-me? DS always hated the cradle carry but loved the "newborn hug hold". I don't see the harm in trying the baby bjorn if you already have one. They aren't great for spinal position but the benefits of being carried are greater than the risks if it's your only option IYSWIM.

The baby bjorn won't be very comfortable for long though - maybe if he likes that, you could try doing a similar carry with the kari-me, which is more supportive for you both. (and supports correct spine position)

Loopymumsy Sun 09-Jan-11 09:31:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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