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Good washing machines - Can't afford Miele though

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neverright Tue 04-Jan-11 20:41:47


Our 9 years old hotpoint has just died.I'm going around in cirlces trying to find another washing machine. Had anyone got any suggestions


said Tue 04-Jan-11 20:43:18

Bosch. Even just the lowest spec if that is all your budget will allow. Probaby less to go wrong as well.

AnyFuleKno Tue 04-Jan-11 20:43:48

John Lewis ones are pretty good

mummydarlingsausage Tue 04-Jan-11 20:52:33

We have a 6yr aeg which is brilliant - used a lot and runs as new

neverright Tue 04-Jan-11 21:16:46

Thank you hadn't considered any of those makes. Will have a look now. I've got to stop getting seduced by good looking washing machines....must be practical. Ok off to research


Kbear Tue 04-Jan-11 21:18:30


If you buy at John Lewis you get two years warranty instead of one BUT they are usually more expensive.

Try for good prices and good service (in my recent experience).

KatieScarlett2833 Tue 04-Jan-11 21:19:17

Bosch, always.

herbietea Tue 04-Jan-11 21:24:29

Message withdrawn

BelleDameSansMerci Tue 04-Jan-11 21:26:55

I've had a Bosch for seven years (heavens - had no idea it was so long) and it's been fantastic. Maybe they've changed in the interim? I've got a Bosch fridge too and that's also lasted (with no problems) for over six years...

pinkhebe Tue 04-Jan-11 21:27:14

I've had hotpoint/indesit ones which have only lasted a couple of years, the bosch has lasted 4 so far, touch wood

FiveOrangePips Tue 04-Jan-11 21:28:18

My last Bosch lasted 9 years, was the cheapest/most basic one, I replaced it with the same spec machine again, they are good, even with cloth nappies.

neverright Tue 04-Jan-11 21:40:55

Oh thats thrown a spanner in the works herbietea. Hmmmm what to do. The annoying thing is that my 9 year old hotpoint still works just every month it shears off one of its paddles and rips the clothes inside. I have changed about 10 of these blinking things and a washing machine guy claims its a mystery and he has never seen it happen before.

herbietea Tue 04-Jan-11 21:46:09

Message withdrawn

AnyFuleKno Tue 04-Jan-11 21:46:47

you can trial subscribe to "which" for a quid, as long as you cancel in first month.

CruelAndUnusualParenting Thu 06-Jan-11 08:37:25

Our Zanussi has been going around 15 years, but lot may have changed in those 15 years.

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