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Having issues with 3mo and Ergo infant insert

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megonthemoon Sat 01-Jan-11 10:06:28

My DD is 13 weeks old. For the last month she hasn't been comfortable in the Ergo infant insert - keeps straightening her legs so they slip down into the waist band. She's too big for the Baby Bjorn now (old model so kills our back!) but too small to go into sitting ergo position. Any advice on what I can do to make it comfortable for her/us, or do I just assume we can't use a sling with her for the next month or so (don't want to be buy a wrap just for a month or two as I will use the ergo all the time once she can sit)? Never had this problem with DS as didn't get the Ergo until he was 7mo.

Thanks (and Happy New Year!)

megonthemoon Sat 01-Jan-11 10:11:03

I should say I can easily put her into the ergo in sitting position and she seems comfy (she does have full head/neck control and has had for a few weeks) but the advice is 4-5 months before they go in that position.

HighlandTea Sat 01-Jan-11 22:46:19

Can you do froggy leg position without infant insert? We did this with a mei tai until lo was big enough to go legs out then bought the ergo

megonthemoon Sun 02-Jan-11 08:21:12

I tried that - she still just wants her legs straight and pushes them down! Sigh. I've tried tightening the waist belt as much as possible but she just gets annoyed if she can't straighten her legs. She is tall for her age (98th centile) and I think the frog position just feels a bit cramped for her.

She has excellent head control and has done for a few weeks and the last few days she has actually been using her abs to pull herself up to a more upright sitting position rather than just slumping against us when we cuddle her (so we're only supporting her lower back rather than her whole body IYSWIM). So she is strong, but I don't know what she physically needs to be doing before she can go in the sitting position.

Given that I tried her in the sitting position for 5 mins yesterday and she was really happy. But of course I'm nervous about that given her age. What is it that they are supposed to be capable of at 4-5m that means you can put them in the sitting position then but not before?

Adair Sun 02-Jan-11 08:25:18

I'd just go with your instinct. If she seems fine in sitting, she;s probably fine. The age guidelines are only that surely?

The Ergo is a Mei Tai I think so maybe google Mei tai to get more help on how people carry tiny ones...

HighlandTea Sun 02-Jan-11 16:47:36

Try watching this video They are using the infant insert but still have legs out in the sitting position, see about 2 and a half minutes in. Earlier on they explain when it's ok to use without the insert

megonthemoon Sun 02-Jan-11 17:38:21

Thank you. highland tea - that video was really helpful. Clearly you're much better than me at finding things on the ergo website blush smile

HighlandTea Sun 02-Jan-11 21:19:56

Glad it helped meg, let me know if it solves the problem!

megonthemoon Sun 02-Jan-11 22:11:56

Had a go this evening when she was grumpy and she was much happier in the insert this time. I didn't realise she could essentially do the sitting position in that which is what the video showed, so I'd been trying to keep her more frog like. Anyway all solved now! So pleased - I love my ergo!!!

Thank you

HighlandTea Sun 02-Jan-11 23:10:25

Brilliant grin i love mine too grin Uhmed and ahed over the price because it is for my nephew who we only have one or 2 days a week but it's been worth every penny. It will be an investment as I'm a nanny and would use it with future charges and friend's children and possibly even my own one day. We have recently started using it to hip carry which we are really liking. DN is almost 2 now and quite big to be on front and it means we can interact a bit more than when he's on my back. Hope you have many happy years with yours.

megonthemoon Mon 03-Jan-11 08:04:28

Yes I love it too - used it with DS until he was just 2 - only stopped because I was pregnant with DD and couldn't get it round me comfortably! So hoping to keep it going at least that long with DD

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