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Has anyone taken a toy back to ELC without a receipt?

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orangepoo Thu 30-Dec-10 19:36:47

DS got this plastic garage for Christmas. He loves the garage and he already has lots of cars that are a suitable size. We received a pack of 20 cars with the garage (starbuy) and DS doesn't need them (plus they have got a really poor review - break easily). Do you think I could take them back and exchange them for a voucher - the cars are sold alone as well as coming with the garage. Or will ELC refuse to take them back because there is no receipt or because they are sometimes sold as part of an offer? s-Cars/125154,default,pd.html

jenroy29 Fri 31-Dec-10 13:37:00

IME you'll get the sale price amount back iykwim so it probablly wouldn't be worth much.
I'd regift them, split them up for party bags or something like that.

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