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isofiix anchor points

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Strix Fri 17-Dec-10 23:06:08

right,have lovely new baby to pick up and drive home from hospital tomorrow. BUT... may have screwed up the car seat plan. Have maxi cosy pebble and family fix base. But whatt the heck are anchor points?

BlathIceSkate Fri 17-Dec-10 23:33:37

If you feel between the back and the seat cushion of the rear seats in your car, you should find 2 metal 'loops' behind each seat. These are what the clips on the ISOfix seat attach to.

You did check that your car had ISOfix first right?

Strix Sat 18-Dec-10 09:59:22

nope! Just got a car seatt that would fit my pram. I am obviously a moron. ow how does one go about getting isofix installes into car?

SantasMadMissy Sat 18-Dec-10 10:03:31

I didn't think you can? hmm
Congratulations by the way grin

Bellie Sat 18-Dec-10 10:05:46

Don't most isofix seats also have a guide for how to fit in non-isofix cars?

Agree not sure if you can get isofix retro fitted - and if you can I am sure that it would be hugely expensive as it involves rigid bar across whole back seat would need to be welded (sp?) to the car frame to make it solid!

BlathIceSkate Sat 18-Dec-10 10:13:42

Getting ISOfix retrofitted is very expensive as far as I know. I have a friend who had it done but he is loaded and wouldn't have cared about the cost.

Most ISOfix seats can be fitted with a belt too too. I know mine can. I've got the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix and that can be belted - maybe the pebble can too? I can't belt my base in though, just the seat, so you lose the option of just clicking them in and going. You need to do the belt fitting every time.

Do you have an option for the pram that's not just the car seat too? It's really not good for their backs to be curled up in a car seat for too long - it can affect their hip development and isn't recommended by fSIDS. Babies need to be laid flat whenever possible.

SantasMadMissy Sat 18-Dec-10 10:24:49

The pebble can be belted like the cabrio

BlathIceSkate Sat 18-Dec-10 10:35:02

There you go then. Just return/sell the base and you're sorted

Assuming your car definitely doesn't have ISOfix points. There are websites that will tell you if you're not sure - one here

TheHeathenOfSuburbia Sat 18-Dec-10 11:00:54

The isofix points can be really hard to find, but most modern cars have them.

What type/age of car is it?

sazm Mon 20-Dec-10 11:23:49

you should really check the carseat fits in safely too,not all carseats fit in all cars.

PocketMouse Mon 20-Dec-10 11:26:00

What car have you got?

Strix Mon 20-Dec-10 18:28:19

Sorry for taking so long to come back. I tried to post again from the hospital but it took ages and eventually tmed out.

I have now checked myself and we do have isofix in the car. Silly DH couldn't find them.

We vetured out in the car today with three car seats wedged into an Astra. I think our next car may need to be a tad bit bigger. Oh what a shame. I hate big cars.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your help on this.

sazm Mon 20-Dec-10 23:01:57

ah,we have 3 seats in our car,you may just need to change one or 2 of the seats for narrower ones,our 3 fit in a focus no probs and an mgzr (both similar size to an astra )

Strix Wed 22-Dec-10 18:40:31

Oh, what kind of seats do you have? Older 2 are 5 and 7 and on the slender side so def don't need wide seats. They have high backs now but really could do with just booster seats.

sazm Wed 22-Dec-10 19:26:51

i really wouldnt put them on just booster seats,they dont offer any protection at all in an accident.
mine are 6.5yo,4.7yo and 2yo.
the big 2 have a britax hi-liner (on offer in halfords atm)they are really good and pretty narrow.
we found ours fit with the hi-liners on either side and a maxi-cosi cabrio in the middle ,now our youngest is 2 we have a britax eclipse in the middle

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