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Emmaljunga raincover with a toddler seat

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dippy Wed 27-Aug-03 07:58:47

Does anyone have any idea how to keep toddler in toddler seat dry with an emmaljunga pushchair? Raincover with it only covers pushchair & not toddler seat - help!

fio2 Wed 27-Aug-03 08:20:58

dippy you can buy all in one rain macs that you can put over children clothes-like an all in one suit. These can usually be found in camping shops and are tolerated alot more than raincovers IME

Furball Wed 27-Aug-03 13:44:47

Could you customise this? - OK It won't take you that page, but under 'pushchairs' then 'accessoriess' there is a clippasafe raincape.

dippy Thu 28-Aug-03 12:51:32

Thanks, it looks ideal and mothercare do a similar one. Off there this afternoon if I can co-ordinate the feeding schedule & the denmanding 15 month old!

dippy Sun 31-Aug-03 13:13:24

Wouldn't have the raincape on as it had no arms! But for info I tracked down a rain canopy for a back pack carrier which clipped onto my toddler seat! That keeps direct rain off and I ordered an all in one waterproof suit to keep the rest of it off. Problem solved!

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