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ELC wooden castle / fort: instructions needed! Please! Before my son hates me...

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hope2 Fri 10-Dec-10 18:02:25

Does anyone have instructions for an (old) ELC wooden castle / fort thing, self-assembly, slots together.

Just bought at Xmas bazaar. Was all blase - oh yes, should be easy to put together. Yeah, right.

Anyone got any ideas?

(gets forcibly dragged back to living room by frustrated ds (6))

DaftApeth Fri 10-Dec-10 18:16:27

Have you looked online for pictures of one the same? Maybe by finding a selection of pics you could work out what goes where.

hope2 Fri 10-Dec-10 19:29:08

Yup, dunnit, thanks. Helpful, but not enough detail. I've got a few turrets half-built and they're not right!

Does anyone have any experience of good customer service at ELC?

hope2 Sat 11-Dec-10 10:48:09

I finally found instructions on the ELC site.

For posterity: instructions here (sorry I can't link more artistically, I'm a tota Luddite) /WoodenCastleInstructions-101225

lynniep Sat 10-Nov-12 20:13:02

lifesaving post - it might be two years on from OP but I've been frantically trying to assemble this thing for DS2s birthday tomorrow after I bought it on ebay!

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