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clothes for big babies?

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mamaloco Tue 30-Nov-10 13:38:15

Hi, I am not in the UK and I am having trouble to find clothes to fit my 10 months old.
She is out of the 86 cm soon. In french, romanian, italian and spanish designs (easily available clothing here), it is a 2 yo which is the last year with nappies, so the 92 cm is for 3 yo but without nappy space included IYSWIM, so thinner but longer.
Obviously, I still need the nappy space.

I can get to a GAP, a next and a mothercare (far away but still feasible) How are their sizing? Does their 92 cm still build with a nappy in mind?
I am hoping that UK and US clothing is bigger and has nappy space till at least 3 yo. I use to get Tesco for DD1 but she wasn't quite as big and the postage might be more expensive than the clothes.
What brand can I get which will fits my huge baby?

Thanks for your help.

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