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Any good products for keeping milk cold on a day out?

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MUM2ELA Wed 20-Aug-03 13:41:04

Hi all

DD has just switched to cows milk from formula so whilst she was on formula it wasn't a problem keeping it cool as I would carry the water seperately to the powder (powder carried in one of those avent container things). Now she is on cows milk, if we go out for the day (which we do very often), what can I carry it in which will keep it cold but that isn't incredably bulky?

SoupDragon Wed 20-Aug-03 13:50:07

You can buy flexible ice packs which are designed to go round a drinks can. Keep them in the freezer and just slot the bottle in when you go out. I actually used them to cool down overheated milk and they fit a large Avent bottle snugly.

MUM2ELA Wed 20-Aug-03 13:54:11

Thats the type of thing I am looking for - thanks.

I thought they may sell them in Lakeland, but they don't seem to.

Do you rememeber where you got yours?

SoupDragon Wed 20-Aug-03 14:45:47

Debenhams I think. It was some time ago though!

SoupDragon Wed 20-Aug-03 14:50:21

Found some here!

boyandgirl Wed 20-Aug-03 15:02:53

\link \Perfectly Happy People{} do a bottle with a reusable cartridge that you keep in the freezer and screw into the bottom of the bottle to chill the drink. The cartridge doesn't appear to come into contact with the drink.

SoupDragon Wed 20-Aug-03 16:41:21

They have both a non spill cup version and a sports bottle with pop up straw. And they're both in the sale! PHP are {here

Bogwoppit Wed 20-Aug-03 17:31:20

I have non spill cup ones. they are great. we have 2 - one in use & one in the freezer. make sure the valve thingy gets a good wash though they can get a bit smelly if you don't. Small teat brush does the trick.
they can go in the dishwasher too & the freezer bit is shaped like a teddy.
Mine doesn't unscrew though.we put whol cup in freezer.
off to look now to see if I am doing it wrong

SoupDragon Wed 20-Aug-03 17:36:57

Bogwoppit - with the non spill version you freeze the whole cup, with the sports bottle you remove the middle bit.

Bogwoppit Wed 20-Aug-03 22:23:58

aha it all becomes clear. wondered why mine wouldn't unscrew

Paula71 Wed 20-Aug-03 23:22:02

I was going to say I use a thermos to keep drinks hot or cool but as I have twin ds' I think we are perhaps talking of different amounts!

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