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Washable nappies - washing powder suggestions please!

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Gem13 Tue 19-Aug-03 15:22:38

Almost too embarrassed to ask but needs must...

We have been using washable nappies quite happily since day 4(?) for DS now 13 months. The only trouble is that due to his varied diet (everything and anything) the dirty nappies are pretty grim and are stained after washing.

We have a fab Miele washer so I am laying the blame on the Persil non-bio powder. I used to use the non-bio liquid but then they discontinued the refill cardboard boxes and I didn't want to use the new plastic-contained Liqui-gel (?) so bought the huge boxes of Persil powder. I am trying to be environmentally conscious about all this but it's useless rewashing the nappies that aren't clean after one wash.

Any suggestions? I have tried Fairy and Ecover but with no effect. Although I'm trying to be environmentally friendly I don't want any more work, so please no suggestions of vinegar, etc.

Sorry this is sooooo tedious.

eidsvold Tue 19-Aug-03 15:28:09

I soak in nappy soaker ( i scoop in lukewarm 5 litres of water) and then use a bio powder - I find the persil fizzy one is fine and make sure they have a super rinse, no fabric conditioner and then outside in the sun...You can just rinse and go if you use the napisan but I have not tried that.

zebra Tue 19-Aug-03 16:39:31

Sunshine & time & not overfilling the machine I find tends to get rid of stains... however, a little Nappicleanse or Napisan (the non chlorine bleach) will probably help, too. HTH. (Z: 69 posts in last month, now!).

Gem13 Tue 19-Aug-03 19:56:40

Thanks for your replies zebra and eidsvold. Will look into the Napisan.

Even the sun doesn't help with the really bad ones! And winter is looming...

Mocha Tue 19-Aug-03 22:23:55

I second Napisan. I put a little in the drawer and use Persil non-bio capsules and DDs nappies are usually without stains

mears Tue 19-Aug-03 22:47:19

I used Napisan all those years ago - reading the name takes me back My nappies remained gloriously white throughout their use. I soaked a days worth in napisan, bunged them in the washing machine and put it through a rinse cycle. Then I washed with non biological fairy or non bio persil. No softener. Invariably I cheated and tumble dried them because then they didn't go hard.

Bobsmum Tue 19-Aug-03 23:14:22

Gem13 - I use a scoop of OxiCLean oxygen based cleaner in every wash. Big blue tub about £6 from most supermarkets - works every time. (totsbots recommended it to me).

My nappies soak in nappy soak (from for at least 2 hours, rinse in the machine and wash at 60 degrees.
The nappy soak I use is biodegradable, not tested on animals etc etc and a bit "greener" than napisan.
Any time I've dry pailed my napppies, they've just not come out quite as clean.

eidsvold Wed 20-Aug-03 07:42:00

i too use the nappy soaker from the baby catalogue - alse get it at mothercare - use the formula milk scoop ( about the right size) and it is just like napisan... personally prefer the napisan you can get is Aus - brilliant on getting anything white and clean - use it with whites too.

DaddyCool Wed 20-Aug-03 12:49:32

Yes, Napisan is excellent. As a lazy Dad, I want as least work as possible and Napisan certainly gets rid of the stains first time.

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