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Eglu Mon 01-Nov-10 19:48:37

Sorry for the capitals. I know that lots of people are always trying to find ways to fit 3 car seats acorss the back of cars.

I found a narrow booster seat this weekend in B&M Home Bargains, and it was only £4.99. It fits much better in the middle seat of my car than a normal booster.

thisisyesterday Mon 01-Nov-10 19:53:15

what is it?

Eglu Mon 01-Nov-10 20:05:34

I can't remember the name of it, it is in the car now. Sorry

sazm Mon 15-Nov-10 16:14:03

tesco also do one for £6.99 a black one called voyager i think its really narrow

Lusi Fri 19-Nov-10 10:21:15

I got one for Halfords a year or so ago -
not good quality so probably couldn't use it all the time .... but narrow, doesn't have the sticky up arms and made of polystrene - very light and no hot plastic on bare legs in the sun. So ideal to fit in a suitcase to take on holiday for an older child..
And it was reduced to around £3...

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