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Is there an alternate tablet to the iPad?

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DanceInTheDark Mon 01-Nov-10 18:34:02

Just for connecting to the internet wirelessly and to use instead of a notebook/laptop? (therefore must cost £££s less lol!)

Needs to be able to play flash games on such as Club Penguin hmm

Ryoko Tue 02-Nov-10 09:17:23

There are other tablets, I'm no expert on the market, never seen the point in the things, but Apple sure as hell didn't invent them, Samsung have just released one I think it's called slab or tab, slab may be someone else, just go one Amazon and look em up.

The main competition is from tablets running Google's Android operating system. Searching for "android tablet" will give you some idea of what's available. wn-europe/

sazm Mon 15-Nov-10 16:12:49

toys r us have 2 different ones (one @ £99 and one @ £149) not sure on the spec thought,but worth a look

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