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Is there an alternate tablet to the iPad?

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DanceInTheDark Mon 01-Nov-10 18:34:02

Just for connecting to the internet wirelessly and to use instead of a notebook/laptop? (therefore must cost £££s less lol!)

Needs to be able to play flash games on such as Club Penguin hmm

Ryoko Tue 02-Nov-10 09:17:23

There are other tablets, I'm no expert on the market, never seen the point in the things, but Apple sure as hell didn't invent them, Samsung have just released one I think it's called slab or tab, slab may be someone else, just go one Amazon and look em up.

CruelAndUnusualParenting Tue 02-Nov-10 14:25:09

The main competition is from tablets running Google's Android operating system. Searching for "android tablet" will give you some idea of what's available.

CruelAndUnusualParenting Thu 04-Nov-10 19:07:54 wn-europe/

sazm Mon 15-Nov-10 16:12:49

toys r us have 2 different ones (one @ £99 and one @ £149) not sure on the spec thought,but worth a look

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