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New bearings for mini micro scooter

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cornflakegirl Fri 15-Oct-10 15:02:49

The bearings have gone in the rear wheel of DS1's mini micro scooter. The distributor charge £5.50 for a new part inc postage, which seems quite steep. Can I buy a generic part, and if so, what exactly do I need?

tokyonambu Fri 15-Oct-10 15:13:34

Generic skateboard bearings are a pound each. But is it worth messing about finding the right size, given the p&p is going to be a couple of quid anyway, to save a pound or two?

cornflakegirl Fri 15-Oct-10 16:05:40

Possibly not! But I resent paying more for postage than for the actual part - especially since they seem to do other spare parts for sensible postage.

Dorsetfarmgirl Wed 14-Nov-12 18:38:57

Am aware this is an old thread but found this thread whilst searching. So in case anyone else is looking you can get bearings elsewhere including ebay. Model type is 608Z, I found this make: NMB FULL PRECISION SKATEBOARD / SCOOTER WHEEL BEARINGS 608Z. Hope this helps someone. They are £1.50 each. You need two for a rear wheel.

Stex976 Tue 05-Feb-13 11:24:52

Mini-Micro scooters mount standard bearings. There are two on each wheel with a spacer in between. I took the bearings out (on youtube there are good videos on how to do it) and I noticed that one of them was stuck (it did not turn).

The spacer does not get damaged, hence you can buy just the bearings from any shop (the official spare part comes with a spacer for each pair of bearings, but you won't need it).

Now, the bearings have a writing on them, for me this is 608-ZZ ABEC-1 (should be the same for all scooters)

608-ZZ is the size
ABEC-1 is the quality (1 is the lowest, 9 is the highest "speed")

I bought on Ebay a set of 8 608-ZZ ABEC-3 bearings for £5.37, delivered next day via first class post!!!! Mounted and they work perfectly (they are really identical to the original, they must be as they are the same industry standard size 608-ZZ). I only replaced one bearing in the rear wheel as the other one was still good.


The same from the mini-micro website would have cost 3.95£x4 + £3.95 delivery = £19.75 for four pairs (total 8). And I have better quality bearings!

Hope this helps!

JoeBongo Sun 23-Jun-13 21:06:28


Just wanted to say thanks for the info Stex976 - my son's scooter back wheel bearing went this afternoon as we were playing at being police scooters. He wasn't particularly chuffed but I have some ordered now at way less than Micro wanted.

Seeing as I have 18 of the buggers on the way I think I'll just redo all of them on his scooter and give it a service and MOT, ready for some more police scootering :-)

benhaze Sun 30-Jun-13 13:38:56

Can someone help me with my kid's scooter?

The wheel stops running every now and then - like it gets stuck. Is this the bearings? If so, should I get a new wheel or just the bearings and where can I buy them cheap? How big is the back wheel on a tilt-n-turn scooter?

Gemma400ci Fri 28-Feb-14 13:56:35

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Markhayesf100 Thu 19-Jun-14 14:27:03

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