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John Lewis red toy kitchen? or alternatives

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fromheretomaternity Fri 01-Oct-10 21:18:45

Does anyone have this?

It looks quite stylish but don't know if it has enough cupboards, things to play with etc.

Went all the way to our local John Lewis to look at it but they didn't have it on display. Am also thinking of the Ikea kitchen, and the big ELC Red Retro one.

It's for my 2.5 year old DS as a present for when his new baby brother comes home smile

Bumperlicious Sat 02-Oct-10 05:55:39

You could always make one (see my profile grin) but I'd say the cupboards are fine. The John Lewis one is beautiful.

amazonianwoman Mon 04-Oct-10 18:29:18

We have the John Lewis red one, it's beautiful, very well made, DD and DS both like it. I got an Ikea pan set and set of chrome effect hanging utensils to go with it.

You could always get the JLewis matching fridge at a later date grin

It's streets ahead of the Ikea one, and I think most ELC stuff is overrated...

Shivcon Thu 21-Oct-10 11:11:53

Just for anyone thinking of buying the JL kitchen and basing the choice on being able to get the Fridge - The Fridge is no longer available due to lack of demand - there are none left to purchase unless you can find a store with a display model which they will sell to you as seen (Mum works for JL so i checked this out before i bought my JL kitchen for DD for xmas)

fromheretomaternity Wed 27-Oct-10 20:48:36

I bought the ELC red retro one in the end. Have yet to give it to DS but it looks gorgeous.

weasle Thu 04-Nov-10 15:38:23

have also just bought the elc red retro but not yet opened. decided as i saw my friend's one and she highly recommended it. hope yours enjoy it.

ninja Sun 14-Nov-10 22:37:06

check out GLTC - they have some lovely ones too

ninja Sun 14-Nov-10 22:39:08

this one is reduced for the next 2 days!

itsonlyajob Mon 15-Nov-10 08:07:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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