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'Bumbo' baby seat - any good?

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ratbag Tue 05-Aug-03 15:24:38

I'm thinking about buying one of these seats after seing the ad in 'Mother + Baby' magazine - they look pretty good. Before I shell out my £22.50 though I'd like to know if anyone already has one and would recommend it. My dd is 16 wks old and likes to be sat up!

Harrysmum Tue 05-Aug-03 15:36:17

We have one (one loan from my SIL) and love it! We have wooden floors so not the comfiest for small babies and this means he can sit up, play etc. and it seems (but this could be complete nonsense) to have helped him sit independently earlier. We use it to feed him in as he's a tiny 7mo and too wee for a highchair and this is a good compromise. Would definitely recommend.

fisil Tue 05-Aug-03 18:09:03

We love ours. DP described it as "one of the best things you've found"!

It is still useful even now ds is sitting up, it means you can have him watch you while you dash around the kitchen, knowing he won't topple over or get under your feet. My friend used hers up to 12mnths - cos she could keep her dd captive in it (at 12 mnths she discovered how to get out of it).

Definitely worth the money. I got mine for £19.50 from a local department store.

runragged Tue 05-Aug-03 19:12:24

My friend has one, is really good, she was well chuffed at her little find!!

codswallop Tue 05-Aug-03 19:32:04

It look great - My ds3 4.5 months is driving me nuts wanting to be carried all the time. I have ordreed one

ratbag Wed 06-Aug-03 09:47:53

Thanks everyone - I think I'll order one. I've not seen them in the shops, does anyone know the cheapest place to get one? (only seen the Grobag website - £22.50)

wickedstepmother Wed 06-Aug-03 10:08:57

There is a brand new one on Ebay currently at £17.00, with 1 day 13 hours to go bumbo seat link . If you don't win it there is always at least one floating around on ebay at any given time.

Zerub Wed 06-Aug-03 11:52:00

Watch out if dd is small or skinny and wriggly! My dd would get her legs inside the seat, twist around and then fall over the back onto the floor... So I still ended up putting cushions all around it. Once she outgrew that phase, she got frustrated cos she couldn't get out of it. Now, at 14 months, she can get in and out and quite likes sitting in it! But she is very small (5lbs at birth, 18lbs now)

codswallop Thu 07-Aug-03 21:15:09

bloody hell I got mine today - it does look like a potty and is very squidgy. ds likes it but only for a while. He cant suck his toes in it.

Enid Sun 10-Aug-03 20:39:52

I loved mine, used it from about 16 weeks till about 8 months, dd2 loved it too and it was really good for sitting her on the floor so she could watch dd1 and I do jigsaws etc. I have leant mine out to a grateful friend as dd2 is such a good sitter now she doesn't need it any more. I have bought two for friends with new babies too, I think they are brilliant.

Nome Sun 10-Aug-03 22:36:19

I was lent one and it was brilliant until ds was able to sit on his own. A word of warning though - ds is a big baby (at least 22lb at five months)and managed to throw himself backwards a couple of times. No harm done because of cushions, but when he started to make a regular thing of it, we gave it back. Now he is captive in his highchair at seven months. I was glad I was lent the Bumbo rather than buying it for three months use. It was great while it fit though.

woodpops Sat 29-May-04 17:11:04

I discovered Bumbo with my second baby and it was fantastic. It went everywhere with us. My daughter loved it because she could sit up and watch everything going on around her. It was also really easy to sell on.

SusannaL Sun 31-Jul-05 18:53:04

Hi, A while since this has had anything added and they are now around £30. I got one half price in a second hand shop and it has been reasonably useful, but not life saving. E sat on his own from 5 months and was OK in it before that, but preferred other ways of being propped up. He's quite slim and has been able to get out of it on his own since he was 8 months so I think I'd have felt fairly cheated if I'd paid full price for it.

edodgy Sun 31-Jul-05 19:04:47

Watch out if you have a skinny child as legs will just move freely too easily and they end up twisting out of it, by the time my dd fitted in it snuggly she was old enough to get out of it and crawl around which kind of defeated the object imo.

stacijc Sun 31-Jul-05 19:30:50

best thing i ever bought!!! Ds1 watches tv in it and ds2(4 months) is driving me up the wall wanting to sit and obviously can't. when i put him in that he is so happy...can't reach toys yet tho so yet to figure that one out!!!

only prob is my ds1 is potty trasining(ish) at the mo and sometimes thinks its his potty as its EXACTLY the same colour. luckily i have caught him in time loL!!!

misdee Sun 31-Jul-05 19:33:55

my mum thought it was a potty lol!!

dd3 loves it, she is currently sitting in it playing with her rattlers. best £15 i have spent (got it 2nd hand from a mumsnetter)

Tommy Sun 31-Jul-05 19:34:02

I think they are great but only for a short time - a few months at most I reckon. Mine has been lent out to various friends and they've all found it useful. If you can borrow one, I would!

Looneymum Sun 31-Jul-05 20:38:13

Ratbag - I have a bumbo in the attic (in lilac). It was great but DD2 is 1 next month so is well grown out of it now. I don't know how much it would cost to post (bit of a weird shape to wrap..). I would sell for £10 if you are interested.... don't suppose you live in Yorkshire..?

Mosschops30 Sun 31-Jul-05 21:01:09

Message withdrawn

fubbs Sun 07-Aug-05 16:12:27

We've used Bumbo (DS is 14 months) with no problems up to now but DS is currently trying to figure out how to get out of it.

His cousin, who's a month younger, never took to it and arched her back to get out of it as soon as she was put it in.

I'd suggest borrowing one before investing.

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