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leather baby shoes

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Bron Mon 04-Aug-03 17:28:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThomCat Mon 04-Aug-03 17:37:53

i put shoes on Lottie cos they were so cute. white leather with pink heart and silver arrow / purple with glitter star / union jack etc etc, but she soon started pulling them all off and still does so now she goes barefoot all the time. caome winter i'll get her shoes that lace up or buckle on that she can't pull off, but she seems to love being barefoot - who doesn't?!

Bron Mon 04-Aug-03 17:41:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThomCat Mon 04-Aug-03 17:45:06

will have a look through my catalouges, sure I have some website address for kids shoes - might help.
i know what you maen though, Lottie isn't crawling or walking yet etc but after the new born shoes they aren't half as nice. My friend has some fab timeberland boots for her sons, and one of her little boys was wearing those kid of Jesus sandles in pale biege suade the other day with his camoflage trs - he looked great.

wickedstepmother Mon 04-Aug-03 18:09:57

I bought a few pairs of these GORGEOUS shoes for my DD, but alas I'm yet to see her wear them (or keep them on). She, like Lottie, HATES wearing anything on her feet and just pulls them straight off !

Even decided against attempting to keep her in shoes for our wedding last Sat (26th) so she was my little bare-foot princess

ThomCat Tue 05-Aug-03 09:53:46

Oh bugger - forgot to look through my catalouges - still clearing up house from Saturday night!
Will try and remember tonight.

OldieMum Tue 05-Aug-03 10:00:41

I, too, was concerned about constricting dd's feet with shoes and started off using socks when she was born, last January. Footed babygrows were too thin outside in cold weather. However, someone gave me a pair of Bobux shoes. They were soft and roomy, but the big advantage was that they didn't fall off. She wore them outside only, for warmth. She is barefoot now, but I've just bought a larger-size pair ready for the cooler weather.

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