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cool office furniture

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spacemonkey Sat 02-Aug-03 18:40:12

hi - can anyone recommend a good office furniture supplier? Am probably going to go to ikea, but would like to get the best we can afford (setting up an office at home, so need desks, chairs, filing cab etc). Would like something a bit different if I can find it!

Any advice would be gratefully received


bossykate Sat 02-Aug-03 20:02:46

if you want something different and very trendy i would try Purves & Purves . they have wonderful, innovative designs, but v.v. expensive.

janh Sat 02-Aug-03 20:35:32

Well, there's Office World - quite good quality and cheapish but not exactly trendy - IKEA probably smarter!

We have a high back office chair from them, have had similar from eg MFI before and this one is much better.

Argos have lots too but nearer the MFI end of the market I should think.

Good luck - have fun shopping!

janh Sat 02-Aug-03 20:43:38

Blimey, spacemonkey, just googled office furniture, and those below are just the first page!
(The bottom 2 lines are one URL).

janh Sat 02-Aug-03 20:44:27

Oh - silly me - it turned into one line when posted! (Must preview! Must preview!)

spacemonkey Sun 03-Aug-03 15:42:21

thanks for the tips, will check the links out!

beetroot Sun 03-Aug-03 19:07:35

Message withdrawn

ArmindaVeach Mon 13-Aug-18 08:55:49

There even many other genuine stores available like Office Furniture Solutions who provide a great range of cool office furniture products.

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