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Ironing Board - Any Recommendations?

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TidyBush Tue 31-Aug-10 00:06:30

Can anyone recommend a good,sturdy and long lasting ironing board?

I had one for years and years that was a kind of compressed wood chip but eventually my steam iron killed it as it ended up with a big dent where it got too wet.

I've now got one with a wire mesh board but no matter how thick a cover I put on it the shape of the mesh eventually imprints on my ironed clothes and it's also going rusty.

So I need a nice robust board that is suitable for use with a steam iron (and can cope with me being rubbish at filling said iron as I usually end up spilling the ironing water onto the board blush).

I don't mind about the price as I'd rather pay more for one that lasts.


Clary Tue 31-Aug-10 00:14:05

This brabantia is what you need I admit it's wire mesh but it has a 10yr guarantee. I have one similar and the mesh is showing through now but that's because it needs a new cover. And I've had it for yrs and yrs.

Note that the amazon reviewers are virtually unanimous, v unusual IME. £71 is a good price for that too.

TidyBush Tue 31-Aug-10 10:11:26

Thanks for that Clary.

cherry6052 Sun 09-Feb-14 11:38:35

All i see now is mesh ironing boards, so trying to find out if the mesh pattern comes through the fabric i'm ironing. Has anyone had this happen to them?

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