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Hand Blenders......which is the best for making purees?

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Melly Tue 29-Jul-03 13:01:01

I need to buy a new hand blender as my old one has conked out. It must be suitable for making purees etc. Just looked in the Argos catalogue but can't decide which one would be best.
Can anyone recommend one?
Oh and sorry to appear completely thick, but what is Annabel Karmel referring to when she talks about a "mouli" ??

GeorginaA Tue 29-Jul-03 13:21:47

Get one where the end can be removed to wash up properly / stick in the dishwasher. I got a cheap one which doesn't separate and it's a real pig dangling in the washing up bowl trying to keep the wire out of the sink at the same time...

have NO idea what a mouli is - assume it's some sort of mechanical grater thing with a mesh to separate out the larger bits like skin and pips. No-one near me sold them when I was looking for one though.

Crunchie Tue 29-Jul-03 13:33:12

I would get a Braun, but the best you can afford as the better models have other attachments which can be useful. Mine has a whisk (I don't have another hand held whisk) and a small bowl chopper thingy (great for small amounts of veggies/herbs/breadcrumbs etc).

A mouli is as georgina said a mechanical grater thingy. I never used one, don't waste your time.

LIZS Tue 29-Jul-03 13:36:43

Agree with Crunchie, sounds like we have the same model (our 2nd). First one was just the basic blender with the sharp blade but not removable. this one separates so you can put different heads on to blend whisk or chop. Can vary speed too which is good for doing coarser consistencies later on.

Never found a mouli, just sieved or blended.

fio2 Tue 29-Jul-03 13:37:35

yes a mouli is what Georgina has said, they are very good by the way- only ever used them at school! I need a new one too and I think the removable wotsit ones are the beat.

bea Tue 29-Jul-03 13:43:02

it's like a big sieve with a handle to mush things up and push it through... - i bought mine from a local cookware shop and i know lakeland ltd used to do them but not anymore it seems...but they seem to do them here!


they were very useful for doing potatoes... as if you try to mush potatoes with a hand blender you end up with wallpaper paste!!!

god bless annabel and all who sail with her!!! (though i'm not really missing those ice cube freezing days!!! )

p.s. and would agree with georginaA... just make sure it comes in two parts...

bea Tue 29-Jul-03 13:44:03

oy... you've all beat me to the answer.... serves me right for taking 15mins to figure out how to get a link in!!!

badjelly Tue 29-Jul-03 14:01:35

We have the basic braun one with 2 speeds and it's fab!

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