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car seat advice for 4 yo

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pawre Fri 13-Aug-10 13:40:44


We are using a backless booster seat/cushion at the moment for my 4 yo. When she is being difficult, having a tantrum (etc...another story!) she wriggles around and slides down to the floor. So basically the car seat belt over her and the booster isn't holding her in place!

We can't really go back to the baby car seat with the five point harness if you know what I mean.

Would a high back booster seat be any better I'm wondering? But you would use the car seat belt over the cushion and kid as well so it would be the same problem for us, wouldn't it?

Anyone with the same experience when travelling in a car with an uncooperative kid?

Cheers! you all are most helpful.

LIZS Fri 13-Aug-10 13:44:43

Highback is rigid so makes it harder to wriggle and the guide keeps the shoudler belt in place. She probably ideally needs a highback rather than a cushion anyway for safety. tbh she is old enough to understand that sitting properly in the car is non negotiable.

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