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larger than normal cot needed!!!

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misdee Sat 26-Jul-03 21:25:12

anyine know where i can get one?

dd2 (10 months old) is around the size of an 18-24month old, is quite heavey and started bashing her head on the sides of her cot whenever she turns over in her sleep, resulting in her waking up screaming several times a night. she doesnt have much room to move in her cot, currently have a mothercare ascot cot, am looking for a solution quickly.

lou33 Sat 26-Jul-03 21:35:17

What about one of those kids bed that extend as they get bigger? You could add full length bed guards to it maybe?

codswallop Sat 26-Jul-03 21:35:57

bed guards a very good idea

misdee Sat 26-Jul-03 21:36:41

i considered it. but as she is still a baby and has no sense of danger and loves climbing i think she would climb over the sides and fall out.

Claireandrich Sat 26-Jul-03 21:41:09

IKEA do quite a low extending toddler bed and you can get the longer guards too. Even if she did try and climb over it wouldn't be too far - you could also put your current cot mattress on the floor just on case, until she got used to it.

BTW, my cousin's little boy has been in a bed since being about 11 months as he is really big and liong too. He is doing well in it.

lou33 Sat 26-Jul-03 21:49:22

That's the one I was thinking of. They are pretty low aren't they, and not that expensive?

misdee Sat 26-Jul-03 22:21:34

my dd2 is the kind of kid who will look over the edge of the bed, then try to dive off head first. junior beds are a no-no atm, some kids are ready for beds earlier than others, i just know that i'll up down a+e with a concussed baby if i try and put her in a junior bed, even if it has side rails.

Claireandrich Sat 26-Jul-03 22:30:05

Only other thing I can think of is a cotbed as they are bigger than a standard cot.

Or a futon bed?Or nice thick mattress straight on the floor?

Running out of ideas now - sorry.

Joley Sat 26-Jul-03 22:38:06

My 10 month old is rather large to. We have him in a cot bed, there seems to be plenty of room as they're supposed to last until they're 5 when converted into a bed....looks like it might last till he's about 2 if he keeps growing at the same rate.

SoupDragon Sun 27-Jul-03 07:48:28

Are you sure it's not more *how* she sleeps rather than her size?

DS1 & 2 were both chunky babies and both happily fitted into a normal sized cot until (in DS1s case) 2y 8 months. Could it be that your DD is simply a very restless sleeper and that she may have problems in a cot bed too? A junior bed, maybe with soft guard rails would be a better bet. They're less than a foot off the ground so are unlikely to cause a problem through falling. you can always put pillows on the floor if you're still worried.

StripyMouse Sun 27-Jul-03 08:49:31

Putting her into a cot bed will be a really expensive and temporary solution - unless you can look for a secondhand one (with new mattress of course), personally I would go for a more long term plan.
How about reconsidering a bed with a bed guard? If you put the bed in a corner with the head end up against the wall and one long side against the other wall then you would just need a larger piece of furniture such as a wardrobe or tall chest of drawers at the bottom and a rail guard on the open side. I know she may climb out of a bed but it is nothing compared with that awful bump when she learns to climb out of her cot - which could be in the near future if she is adventurous and strong as you say. A rail guard as already suggested and maybe her old cot mattress on the floor, or pillow, should stop any bumps. Will last you longer and the added width might stop her falling out any way - we changed over to a bed at around a year and she has never fallen out and we haven’t even bothered with a rail (she learnt to climb out of her cot early...loads of bumps).

boyandgirl Sun 27-Jul-03 15:35:31

I wouldn't put such a young child in a bed so soon, because that may well lead to problems with her getting up in the middle of the night later on. My ds had a phase like that, particularly when he had learned to stand up but didn't know how to sit down again. It sounds cruel but I think the best thing to do is to leave her alone, she'll learn to sort herself out quickly enough. Alternatively I suppose you could use a cot bumper, though there are supposed to be saftey issues with those before or after a certain age (don't know what, though). If you want a larger cot then there are either cot-beds, as others have said, or American cots, which are much larger than standard English cots. I saw some when I was choosing furniture for baby no1, but I can't remember where (shop in Dalston, East London, poss?)

LIZS Sun 27-Jul-03 15:56:39

Our nephew was moved to a bed around his 1st birthday and it heralded whole load of sleep issues so that he rarely spent the night in his own bed thereafter.

Personally I would go for a cot bed (I think some makes differ in size, my nephew had a Cosatto which had a larger than standard mattress size) option so that at least it would last two years or more. Do agree that this might have more to do with the sleeping positions which she should learn to right in time. She may even encounter the same with a bed and guard/wall if she rolls and turns a lot so that would not guarantee a solution.


aloha Sun 27-Jul-03 16:03:19

My son is two in September. He's average sized for a two year old and has plenty of room in his cot. I'm surprised you say your 10month old is growing out of hers. Maybe cot bumpers would help?

mieow Sun 27-Jul-03 18:32:16

But Misdee's DD is huge!!!!!! (I know, she's my niece ) She wears the same size clothes as my DD2 whos a whole year older than her. Shes really tall too and is very big (don't hit me misdee!!!)

pupuce Sun 27-Jul-03 19:09:24

What about a cot bed ??? bigger than a cot and later used as bes for kids up to 6 yo!
DD is 2 and she is absolutely fine in it. It has high rails and she moves massively but she still has room in it.

WedgiesMum Sun 27-Jul-03 21:13:06

misdee - can really sympathise with the size thing, and the worry about your baby doing acrobatics over the side. My DS was and is HUGE - he was the same size as a three month baby at birth and by 10 months was also on the top end of the 18-24 size. I kept him in his cot until he was 21 months old though and found that the thing that worked with him was wearing a baby sleeping bag. It settled him better at night, made him less likely to roll around a lot at night and meant that he didn't EVER climb out of his cot, or out of bed. Even at 4 he never gets out of bed on his own but waits for me to come and he hasn't worn one for over 18 months! The bed we got was the IKEA one mentioned below and in combination with a sleeping bag might be worth a try?? DD now has the bed and she is danger girl extraodinaire and she has never yet hurt herself hurtling over the side. HTH.

misdee Sun 27-Jul-03 21:22:56

thanks for the suggestions. have ordered a bedside cot today, hopefully this will work some problems out. i dont have a problem with DD sleeping in my bed or close by, after all she is still a baby. she also tried to dive off headfirst over the footboard on my bed today, so will definaltly not be putting into a bed just yet, junior or otherwise. (i tend to sleep diagonaly across my bed so no way she can get to the footboard without climbing over me 1st)

and mieow is right, DD2 is huge, today she was wearing her elder sisters clothes who is 3 1/2 years old. her shoe size is a 4 1/2 G, is off the scale for her height and weight, so yes she is a big girl!!

Bron Mon 28-Jul-03 09:22:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsS Mon 28-Jul-03 10:35:28

There are some very nice brand new cot beds on Ebay today, currently about £50

BearintheBigBlueHous Mon 28-Jul-03 15:28:17

Don't mean to hijack the thread, but Ikea extendible toddler beds were mentioned a while back - they seem very good value - are those people who have them (and their DSs/DDs) happy with them?? Please help as we're just about to move 22month dd from the nursery to make way for #2.

misdee Mon 28-Jul-03 15:35:20

i have never bought a toddler bed and dont intend to. i'm a harsh mummy, lol. i have a tomy bed guard which fits onto all beds, and at 22months my dd1 could climb easily on and off beds. i'd only buy a toddler bed if your child cant climb easily into and out of bed. i'm also too stingy to buy a toddler bed which may only last a few years, when a full size bed can last a lot longer, might have to replace mattresses soon tho.

Claireandrich Mon 28-Jul-03 19:48:58

We are going to get Dd a toddler bed at Christmas instead of a single as it will take up less room in her bedroom, which isn't that spacious really - not once all her toys are in there! A single bed is so much bigger.

BTW, has anyone used the Little Tikes Cosy Cottage toddler bed? It looks quite sweet. Just wondered if anyone had any info about it.

aloha Mon 28-Jul-03 21:09:27

misdee, second and third the recommendations for the baby sleeping bag. Why not try one? My ds sees his as a big sleep cue - pop him in and it's actually hard to zip him up as he's trying to turn over to go to sleep!

Claireandrich Mon 28-Jul-03 21:12:29

DD loves her Grobag too and sees it as a big signal of bedtime. However, a warning - it doesn't stop my DD from wriggling, standing up or trying to climb and walk!

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