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Looking for bedroom "call button" for elderly mum

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trefusis Mon 22-Aug-05 11:36:16

Message withdrawn

SaintGeorge Mon 22-Aug-05 11:39:09

How about buying one of those wireless front door bells and sticking the 'button' bit in her room?

moondog Mon 22-Aug-05 11:39:14

How's it going trefusis?
So,she'll be staying with you. Are you sure you're up to it?
How about a cheap kids' walkie talkie thing?

trefusis Mon 22-Aug-05 11:49:25

Message withdrawn

Helgand Mon 22-Aug-05 15:04:20

My sister-in-law useed a wireless front door bell when her father stayed with them following an op - you could always wrap it in fabric (tea-towels etc) to reduce the volume while the kids are asleep at night. She then passed it on to us and I used it to summon dh when I needed a helping hand to get out of the bath when heavily pregnant and following a section - thinking about it, there are loads of situations it could be used in - could be a really worthwhile investment! Hope your mother makes a swift recovery and that you are blessed with lots of patience!

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