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This is a bargain!!

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bubblerock Sun 21-Aug-05 22:58:33

Not exactly a must have item but a bargain none the less Safe

Maybe I could put my stash of choccies in it to keep them away from the DS's!!

MarsLady Sun 21-Aug-05 23:20:36

lol, good bargain. For those who must shop!

bubblerock Sun 21-Aug-05 23:32:40

I actually managed to resist this one and I didn't buy the bargain camcorder I found the other day either so I'm not too bad

MarsLady Sun 21-Aug-05 23:33:30

lol good for you. It's amazing what we will spend our money on.

kid Sun 21-Aug-05 23:33:35

DH works for them so we get all the bargains!

JoolsToo Sun 21-Aug-05 23:40:40

ha, ha - is that a joke! a plastic bin for a safe

MarsLady Sun 21-Aug-05 23:48:32

you know you want one jools lol

ednaferber Sun 21-Aug-05 23:55:18

If they sell battery powered bread cutters, could you get arrested for safe cracking?

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