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nintendo gameboy advance, or nintendo DS

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misdee Sun 21-Aug-05 21:50:29

dh wants opinions as he is undecided on which one to get to while away his hours in hospital.

starlover Sun 21-Aug-05 21:51:29

my friend chris LOVES his ds....
probably more choice of games on the advance
dp says ds!

starlover Sun 21-Aug-05 21:51:48

ok dp changed mind and says the psp (playstation portable)

misdee Sun 21-Aug-05 21:52:35

lol. men and their toys. is the PSP out yet?

BunnyBoo Sun 21-Aug-05 21:52:39

I would say the ds heard good things about them, my lovely niece has one and she loves it

starlover Sun 21-Aug-05 21:53:42

yeah psp is out... but think it's quite a bit more than the gba etc

misdee Sun 21-Aug-05 21:54:54

GBA is around 80 with games dh said, and ds about 125 with a game. argh!!!

spursmum Sun 21-Aug-05 21:56:55

Misdee have a look in the games shops that do trade. Blokey got his DS for £80 with a few games. It's now very hard to get his undivided attention IYKWIM

starlover Sun 21-Aug-05 21:58:13

yeah i think dp said the psp is over £200!!!

zaphod Sun 21-Aug-05 21:58:20

Ds1 says DS is better, and DS2 exchanged his Gameboy Advance for a DS (with cash too, of course) a couple of months ago. PSP isn't available here yet(ireland), so I haven't heard what it's like.

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