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OK, Probably one of THE most boring questions ever but...

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DelGirl Sun 21-Aug-05 14:15:48

I need a new lawnmower. Yep, sad isn't it?!! Well, I did buy a new one a couple of years ago but it's just not powerful enough and takes forever. I chose it because it was the lightest one and it collects grass.

So, what do you or your DH, DP recommend? Preferably a hover, that collects the grass and is fairly lightweight.


Oh, and prefer to pay less than £100

cadbury Sun 21-Aug-05 14:18:50

Not sure about what's good I'm afraid - just wanted to let you know that the Homebase near us is having it's 10% day today I think and has lots of lawn mowers on special if you happen to have a homebase near you.

Hello, btw - how are things?

fairydust Sun 21-Aug-05 14:25:30

we've got this one from b&q light enough for me to use but does a good neat job.

DelGirl Sun 21-Aug-05 14:27:05

Thanks Cadbury . I may give my local one a call then and see if they're doing it. Is it usually 10% off everything, even in the sale?

I'm very well btw and so is DD. She's a real poppet, she really is and she makes my day, every day! She's asleep at the mo, which is quite nice as I've been able to have a nice lunch and do a few bits. How's things with you?

DelGirl Sun 21-Aug-05 14:29:27

thanks everso fairydust, was thinking of that one or the vision 3800, just want to know what they're really like iykwim. I'll have a look and see if they're at homebase. Did you know that Argos is part of Homebase now and there webpage is almost identical? Gosh, don't I sound a sad muppet !

cadbury Sun 21-Aug-05 14:47:22

Doing fine delgirl. Glad to hear you are getting on well. Think of you often.

I think it does mean 10% off everything at homebase.

bensmum3 Sun 21-Aug-05 15:19:36

We have a petrol motor lawn mower, much more powerful, but easy to use than our old hovver mower.

DelGirl Sun 21-Aug-05 15:41:58

thanks bensmum but i'd be too scared to use a petrol one tbh.

DelGirl Sun 21-Aug-05 17:15:04

is it worth bumping? Very quiet on here today

bensmum3 Sun 21-Aug-05 18:37:41

DelGirl, I was a bit nervous the 1st time I used the petrol one, but there's nothing to it, put the petrol in. switch it on, and pull the cord, maybe a bit noisier, but not much .I even use the petrol strimmer now, feel a bit stupid with the eye goggles on, but take them off and you soon realise why they are necessary.

DelGirl Sun 21-Aug-05 19:20:25

nope, stil not convinced, sorry

DelGirl Mon 22-Aug-05 13:19:47

anyone else?

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