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Mamas and Papas Twin Aria - advice with harness needed

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Helgand Sat 20-Aug-05 20:27:14

Thought the twin aria was exactly what we wanted until we went to see it and found the 5 point harness is only really a 3 point harness! DD (20 months) is mega-mega climber, wriggler, escapologist, heart-stopper etc has anyone ever had a problem with the harness being so precarious? And what about newborns as they start to wriggle etc? - can't imagine number two is going to be anymore placid, in fact everyone tells me the second one is even more active than the first. Would really appreciate any comments for or against as number two due very soon and PANICKING! Thank you.

Helgand Sun 21-Aug-05 22:36:49


Yorkiegirl Sun 21-Aug-05 22:48:18

Message withdrawn

Helgand Mon 22-Aug-05 14:53:20

Thanks for your help Yorkiegirl. 'Fraid it wasn't me that was interested in buying your aria.

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