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Tesco Nappies - do they not do "extra large" anymore???

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QueenOfQuotes Sat 20-Aug-05 14:11:22

DS2 now has the most horrible nappy rash from using the Swim Nappies and DH has decided (with my backing) that we're going to have to use the business credit card (already over the limit ) to do an emergency shop - poor little thing was screaming just 2 minutes after doing a poo and his bum was sooo red

Anyhow, trying to use to make up a detailed shopping list (we've decided we may as well try and squeeze a few extras on while we're there - so fingers crossed it lets it go through - he managed to get petrol for work yesterday, already over the limit......) and I can't find ANY Tesco Extra Large (size 6) nappies - do they not do them anymore????

WestCountryLass Sat 20-Aug-05 19:41:29

You need to look for Tesco Super Fit Carry Pack Extra Large 24/44.


misdee Sat 20-Aug-05 19:44:50

no idea, but they do do pull ups now.

QueenOfQuotes Sat 20-Aug-05 20:45:48

Thanks - we went - and amazingly we managed to do a small shop on the already over the limit Business Credit card.

They didn't have ANY Tesco Extra Large - pullups or 'normal'.

So we bought the value ones - so far so good

WestCountryLass Sat 20-Aug-05 21:17:11

Glad you got that sorted! I'm sorry, I don't know your situation but we have been in the same place so far as finances go. I have heard the Value nappies are fine, got to be better than swim ones, hope your little ones bum gets better soon

misdee Sat 20-Aug-05 21:18:42

can we persuade you to switch to cloth?

QueenOfQuotes Sat 20-Aug-05 21:21:26

you could easily persaude me (well if we had the money for the initial outlay) - but you'll never persaude DH

misdee Sat 20-Aug-05 21:33:50

tell him its cheaper in the long run.

QueenOfQuotes Sat 20-Aug-05 21:36:47

He knows that - he even agrees that there's some lovely cloth nappies around (I ordered a few samples while pg with DS2). But he still said no.

Then again he did grow up with 3 younger siblings and LOTS of youngers cousins ALL wearing cloths - mainly Terry's too I think - so I guess he has see more than his fair share of dirty cloth nappies.

And besides - we'd have been snookered the last few days - had no washing powder either LOL.

QueenOfQuotes Sat 20-Aug-05 21:37:51

and anyhow, by the time we actually 'get' the money fot the inital cost we'll probably be thinking about potty training DS2

Milge Sat 20-Aug-05 21:38:56

QoQ - can I do a order for you until things improve? Ill need your address and shopping list.

misdee Sat 20-Aug-05 21:39:53

lol good point.

no soap powder wouldnt bother, just wash them at 60deprees plus, will get them clean of germs but may not shift stains. have had to do it myself once or twice.

QueenOfQuotes Sat 20-Aug-05 21:41:34

that's ok thanks Milge - we've now got enough food to last us for meals until Wednesday, and bread/breakfast for most of the week - and nappies - 40 (well 39 now as we used one) which will last us (hopefully( until payday.

We've calculated we should also be getting our clubcard vouchers in the post sometime in the next week or so too - and there should be around £20 of vouchers in it - so that's a bit more shopping too

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