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Tommee Tippee

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Beccaroll Mon 21-Jul-03 14:00:04


Has anyone used the Tommee Tippee steriliser and bottles with comfort nuby teats? Im interested in getting them - I intend to breastfeed my baby at first so would be interested to know if breast pump etc would fit in the steriliser?!

Just any comments would be good before I make up my mind.



wobblymum Mon 21-Jul-03 14:28:59

I actually started a thread on this the other day - see "Bottles and teats".

I was using Avent bottles, to top up breastfeeding, because they came with my breastpump. DD had a really hard time taking any milk and I almost had to squeeze it down her throat to get her to drink. Then because it took ages to feed her, the milk would go slightly colder than she liked and so the whole feeding session got even worse. Then I saw the Tommee Tippee bottle in Asda and bought one to try, and it worked brilliantly. DD sucks really well on it and takes all she wants in about 5 mins, instead of half an hour with the Avent one.

What I found really good about the TT bottle is that the plastic is really bendy so she can suck easily on it (whereas the Avent is really thick and hard) so she can get the milk out easily without getting frustrated.

I suppose that's bad if you have a baby who sucks really greedily and collapses the teat but she sucks pretty averagely (sp? - is it a word?) and the teat seems to flatten enough for her to get the milk out well but then it goes back easily too.

I've found the Avent breastpump to be ok, but I have trouble expressing anyway so I gave up on that totally. However I never got the point of the let down cushion - it didn't seem to help and it was just extra plastic to get in the way. I always took it off and just the hard plastic 'spout' seemed fine on it's own. As it's a hand pump it comes to bits and I think it would fit in most sterilisers, but if not you could always use a large plastic jug and cold water tablets.

Hope this woffle helps!

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