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Wireless networking and AOL - Any Tips Hints Advice???

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bubblerock Fri 19-Aug-05 19:12:52

Can anyone tell me how I go about this -

I have a ADSL BT connection which I can connect to the USB port on either my Desktop or Laptop to access AOL broadband Silver.

What I want to do is be able to have both computers connected to the internet at the same time. Has anyone doen this successfully and what router etc.. did you buy?

I'm just a bit worried about AOL compatibility and would like to do it as cheap as possible TIA

Hazellnut Fri 19-Aug-05 19:33:46

We have AOL and a D-Link wireless router. All works fine. All works fine but don't know much about it !!

anchovies Fri 19-Aug-05 19:40:44

Don't think you will have any problems as far as aol are concerned, think the only thing you may find is that they won't help you set it up.

Does your laptop have a network card? If so I would buy an adsl router with built in modem (about £40-50) and hardwire your desktop (using the cable provided) to the router and just access the wireless network using the laptop. If you want them both to be completely wireless, you will need either a PCI or USB adaptor for your desktop (about £20)

bubblerock Fri 19-Aug-05 19:50:22

I'm not sure about the network card ??

So I need a Router which I plug the ADSL modem into then I have a thing that plugs into the usb port of the PC and Laptop that gets signals from the router - is that how it works - there seems to be loads of them out there I'm just not sure which one to get!! Is that right?

anchovies Fri 19-Aug-05 20:00:52

If you go to system info on yioiur laptop then hardware then device manager it would be listed under network adaptors if you've already got one.

There is no usb port on a router so you will need to ditch your existing modem and buy a new router/modem combined. You plug this in and connnect it to your broadband filter and the phone line.

You can then either plug your desktop into the router using the ethernet cable provided or you can buy an adaptor that will allow your desktop to connect wirelessly.

If your laptop has a wireless network card then you can connect the laptop straight away. If it doesn't you can either buy one (£20ish) or buy another cable if you're not bothered about it being wireless.

Hope that makes sense!

bubblerock Fri 19-Aug-05 20:08:12

Just going to check (I'm on the desktop) - thank you both for answering, you just know I will be back here when I get it shouting for help don't you!? I never seem to get on with Technology no matter how simple it's supposed to be!

If anyone else has recommendations for buying this kit I'd appreciate it

bubblerock Fri 19-Aug-05 21:39:17

OK, the laptop has a network card - How will that know when I have a wireless router/modem? I just found a whole list of AOL compatible routers so now I need to go and find the best deal - all this so bloody DH can play his stupid Diablo game on the internet!!

bubblerock Sun 21-Aug-05 19:56:02

WooHoo - we are now networking ...ish I got a d link wireless ADSL with USB dongle. Really good price aswell, in PC World it was reduced from £99.99 to £79.99 but on their website it was £59.80 so I reserved it online at that price to pick up instore and went and got it!

I only have AOL Silver and it wont let us both be online with our screen names at the same time (says we need to upgrade to Gold!!) So I got DH on with Internet Explorer and I went on through AOL with no problems at all!

bubblerock Sun 21-Aug-05 19:56:46

Ooops forgot to say thanks for the advice

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