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need advice on primary and grammar school at sutton/kingston upon thames area

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lillianguo Thu 13-Dec-12 06:38:33

dear everyone:

I need you help tofind a very good state primary and grammar school at the sutton and kingston upon thames area. I got adviced from someone,I 've got list below,but I'm still not sure which of are they more easier to get an offer and the school teacher really nice and care to children.especially for international child.

in sutton area
1.Barrow Hedges Primary, SM5
2. High View Primary, SM6
3. Stanley Park Junior, SM5

4. Avenue Primary, SM
5.Cuddington Croft Primary, SM1

in kingston upon thames area
1.Coombe Hill Junior
2. Latchmere School
3. Burlington Junior

if someone live in those area,got experince,and give me some advice,that would be very helpful.many thanks

auntevil Thu 13-Dec-12 16:55:38

What year are you looking to get into, or is this a where to move to so that when you apply you will be likely to be in their catchment.
If it's the former, I would phone the LEA and ask what the waiting lists are like for the year that you want a place in.
If it's the latter, the LEA should have the distances of residential address from the school that were successful in getting a place.

lillianguo Fri 14-Dec-12 06:53:56

oh,thanks for your advice, my son is six, I'M PLANNING year 4 to get into, I'M not sure if it is too earlier to ask LEA NOW? Ihave not move that area yet,what I'm thinking is that I want to find good school first,then I got plenty
time to find the place to live. can you give me some advice ,please? many thanks

LIZS Fri 14-Dec-12 08:36:52

You won't be able reserve a place for 2 years' time yet. You would really need to have a local address to apply form first and as year 4 isn't a traditional intake year it will be a case of whichever school has a place at the time you move. Some schools have a new intake at Year3 so that might be easier to get a place for.

lillianguo Sat 15-Dec-12 06:37:32

many thanks lizs,yes,I understand that I need a local address to apply,but I really want to know which school is suitable for my child,then I will move the place where is near there.Because I'm not living in local,that is difficult for me to know which school is good.if somebody has her child who study at those schools,they will have their opinion, so I can learn some experience from the parents.what do you think?

tiggytape Sat 15-Dec-12 13:37:36

It isn't as simple as finding a good school, moving nextdoor and getting a place. The schools I recognise from your list all have good reputations which is why they've been recommended to you but they won't all have spare places.
And just because you move nextdoor doesn't mean they have to give you a place if they are full - they won't and you will be allocated another school a bit further away from your new home.

You cannot apply before you move but you can find out which ones have spaces right now (although those spaces might have gone by the time you have finished a move).

Ditto all the grammar schools are very good and so popular that people travel all over London to attend. You don't need to live close to them - they select on ability only not distance (except for 2 of the girls' ones that reserve a few places for high scoring local children).
For a boy - it is purely based on the highest scores win regardless of where those children live.
Tiffins seems more popular and is probably the best rated but again, it chooses you, you don't choose it. Upwards of 1500 children apply to each of the grammars (getting nearer to 2000 at some) and only about 10% get a place despite most of them being tutored either at home or professionally and being top set children in their own primaries (not everyone sits the 11+ - only those who are considered bright usually go in for it).

I totally understand your desire to pick out the best schools but it is probably better to move somewhere where most of the schools are good so that if there aren't spaces at the one you want, the alternatives are pretty good as well. And for the grammars, it doesn't matter where you live if you have a boy.

lillianguo Sun 16-Dec-12 06:24:50

many thanks for your advice, I'M REALLY APPRECIATE!

auntevil Sun 16-Dec-12 13:45:21

Also look at the SATS results just out. Both Boroughs have plenty of schools that are above and way above national average.

lillianguo Tue 18-Dec-12 04:42:41

thanks very much for your help,auntevil:that is a good idea as well.

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