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Dress up like a famous bear

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LondonSuperTrooper Tue 01-Nov-11 10:04:51


Please can someone give me some idea of how to dress up my DS and I as famous bears? It seems like such a simple concept but I'm struggling to think of how I can do it without going to the expense of buying a costume.

I think that I will probably skip dressing up but my DS has to do it as the reception children will be dressing up for children in need.


sospanfach Tue 01-Nov-11 10:09:59

Yogi and Booboo? That only requires a pork pie hat and a tie for Yogi and a blue dicky bow for Booboo? And some bears ears - do you have one of those Pudsey headbands left over from Children in Need?

CecilyP Tue 01-Nov-11 10:11:00

For Winnie the Pooh, you would just need a vest. But it might be a bit indecent!

Bramshott Tue 01-Nov-11 10:11:28

Rupert is pretty easy - red jumper, checked scarf, pale trousers.

redskyatnight Tue 01-Nov-11 10:15:31

Paddington? Coat, floppy hat, wellies and suitcase?

PestoCaffeinisto Tue 01-Nov-11 10:18:29

Paddington = duffel coat, wellies, floppy hat, mini suitcase and jar of marmalade

Attach a label aswell saying 'Please look after this bear'

LondonSuperTrooper Tue 01-Nov-11 10:53:18

Thanks for the ideas, they are great!

Pagwatch Tue 01-Nov-11 10:57:32

Muddy clothes and a hat - bear grylls

<<pag is impressed at her own genius>>

Pagwatch Tue 01-Nov-11 11:15:59

Well I thought it was good

<<sulks a bit>>

LondonSuperTrooper Tue 01-Nov-11 11:44:32

LOL @ Pags

Bear Grylls - it is good thinking! Maybe I can dress up as him?

choccyp1g Tue 01-Nov-11 11:47:48

I think Bear Grylls is atually the "chief Scout" so if you have Beavers or Cubs uniform....easy!

Or he could just go BARE

booboobeedoo Tue 01-Nov-11 11:49:40

Dress as Pudsy? White hanky, felt tip pen spots and wrap it round your head over one eye.

treas Tue 01-Nov-11 11:52:09

Well pag it made me chucklegrin

MardyBra Tue 01-Nov-11 11:53:25

You could streak and go as "Running Bear"

[not helpful emoticon]

ShowOfHands Tue 01-Nov-11 11:54:24

I've been looking at the thread title in active convos and thinking 'Bear Grylls or Theodore Roosevelt' all morning so I acknowledge how bloody funny we you are. grin

Takver Tue 01-Nov-11 12:03:26

DD did Paddington in school coat, floppy hat, then cardboard box labelled 'marmalade sandwiches' and cardboard badge saying 'Please look after this bear'. If you can find a hat the rest is pretty easy.

OTheHugeWerewolef Tue 01-Nov-11 12:07:47

Bow tie and pencil moustache, and go as Ted Heath?


MardyBra Tue 01-Nov-11 12:17:30

Ted Heath didn't have a moustache or a bow tie did he?

LondonSuperTrooper Tue 01-Nov-11 12:19:05

I think that Ted did have a bow tie but no mustache?

OTheHugeWerewolef Tue 01-Nov-11 12:35:26

He had a pencil moustache when he was younger. So I suppose you'd have to specify young Ted Heath grin

MardyBra Tue 01-Nov-11 12:39:00

Ted Heath

I am old but obviously not as old as you OThe and just remember him as he was when he was PM sans moustache. There are a couple of pics of him there in a bow tie, but he does appear to be in evening dress.

MardyBra Tue 01-Nov-11 12:41:08

There seems to be a different Ted Heath with facial hair.

MardyBra Tue 01-Nov-11 12:42:41

Or maybe you are talking about the other bandleader Ted Heath.

Anyway, why am I discussing Ted Heath's facial hair on the internet? Sorry for the hijack OP.

OTheHugeWerewolef Tue 01-Nov-11 12:42:50

What? That's a different Ted Heath?

I am covered in shame grin

MardyBra Tue 01-Nov-11 12:47:34

I would say that you needed to go this thread:
but I didn't know about the band leader one at all until googled.

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