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Reports. No boasting, no angst - what is your fav comment on your DCs report

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pagwatch Fri 09-Jul-10 16:37:16

Mine was 'Paggirl has a mischieveious and frankly bizarre sense of humour'.
Also 'Paggirl is always smiling'. Finally 'sometimes her mind is clearly upon other things'

All true
<< the teachers spelt them correctly even if I can't didn't>>

MaamRuby Fri 09-Jul-10 16:38:36

I am v proud of the attendance grin

Other than that, it is hard to reconcile the charming, polite, mature role models at school with the nutcases I bring home!

ConnorTraceptive Fri 09-Jul-10 16:40:04

DS1's strength is clearly speaking which he does frequently and with ease. grin

sarah293 Fri 09-Jul-10 16:41:48

Message withdrawn

ptangyangkipperbang Fri 09-Jul-10 16:42:17

"He puts a smile on my face every day" smile

pagwatch Fri 09-Jul-10 16:42:54

grin at connor 'frequently and with ease'

primarymum Fri 09-Jul-10 16:43:30

I write reports rather than read them! However one of my parents came to see me today to say how much he enjoyed reading his son's report, especially the phrase " XX and his belongings are never in the same place at the same time!" as he said that summed his son up perfectly!

becstarlitsea Fri 09-Jul-10 16:45:18

"DS [age 4] is excellent at negotiation, and resolves conflict with his peers and with adults in this way"

You are so very right, Teacher-of-DS! Just add the words 'and always to his own advantage' at the end and you'll be spot on.

OrmRenewed Fri 09-Jul-10 16:47:43

No report as yet. But I can guarantee DD's will be excellent in every regard (not boasting, just a fact) and DS#2's will start with 'Ah...yes. Now, Joe....erm...' grin

HoopyFroodDude Fri 09-Jul-10 16:48:23

Well this one made us smile but in a puzzled way

"Hoopychild was a star when she sang a solo in the choir performance. She brought a tear to my eye"

She isn't in the choir hmm

OrmRenewed Fri 09-Jul-10 16:49:42

have most of your schools broken up then? We have another 2 weeks yet and we won't get a report until just before that.

HoopyFroodDude Fri 09-Jul-10 16:50:33

No, we still have two more weeks they gave them out really early this year.

weblette Fri 09-Jul-10 16:51:11

From ds1's head of middle school 'weblet is a thoroughly decent little chap'

zandy Fri 09-Jul-10 16:52:46

Last year my son was 'a unique child'! Still trying to figure it out, lol.

Fimbo Fri 09-Jul-10 16:53:22

DD's High School Report - dd of Fimbo is a natural geographer, she has left her target way behind in a cloud of dust.......

I hate farking geography....grin

cory Fri 09-Jul-10 16:56:13

Dd got an A in attitude for PE. She hasn't done PE for 3 years (disability). Oh well, she seems to feel good about this state of affairs grin].

T2mum Fri 09-Jul-10 16:57:37

Had to name change for this because I told my friends and family so would be instantly recognisable:

"----- has a talent for the totally irrelevant."

For French:

"Monsieur Fidget drives me mad!!"

He is lovely really.......

Francagoestohollywood Fri 09-Jul-10 16:58:39

Master Franca has a very logic and scientific mind, apparently.

Schools broke up nearly a month ago here in Italy

GoldenTomato Fri 09-Jul-10 17:22:08

Goldentomato2 is a 'little ray of sunshine who is a joy to teach'!!

So why does he always seem to to a frumpy raincloud at home???

GoldenTomato Fri 09-Jul-10 17:22:41

'grumpy' not 'frumpy' obviously

ShadeofViolet Fri 09-Jul-10 17:25:19

'Baby Violet has enough energy for the whole class'

DrNortherner Fri 09-Jul-10 17:32:16

Ds (8 yrs) is an "active, lively boy who has plenty to say for himself"

Think I can read between the lines in that one!

asdx2 Fri 09-Jul-10 17:33:11

Dd has an opinion on everything and is happy to share them with the class grin I think that is probably code for she is a proper little madame who speaks her mind and isn't afraid to tell others where she thinks they have got it wrong.

WarrenPeace Fri 09-Jul-10 17:36:12

mates dad taught her

" she is a credit to her father"

pagwatch Fri 09-Jul-10 17:37:51

grin love these.

I enjoy the read between the lines comments.

When I went in for DDs parents evening last year I sat in the seat opposite her teacher and I swear, the woman just started laughing.

Just laughed and laughed and said 'ohh Paggirl.....' and laughed some more.

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