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who does best name labels?

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ohmeohmy Fri 09-Jul-10 08:54:47

iron on or stick on.

LadyLapsang Fri 09-Jul-10 09:00:50

I've always used Cash's name labels, but the ones you sew on. I've only use the iron on ones for camping / school trips when I just need them to last one week, otherwise they come off in the wash.

If you order enough when they start school / nursery they will last their whole education.

Seona1973 Fri 09-Jul-10 09:01:58

I used the easy2name ones - there is a 10% discount from mumsnet. I used the stick on fab and funky labels for cups, shoes, etc and the iron on fab and funky for clothes.

ZebraDiva Fri 09-Jul-10 09:02:08

Oh, I've just bought 50 iron on ones!

Seona1973 Fri 09-Jul-10 09:02:54

p.s. the easy2name iron on ones have never come off in the wash - they can fade but you just iron another one over the top.

savoycabbage Fri 09-Jul-10 09:04:45

Yes, Cash for iron on and I use Mooo for stick on ones for water bottles and for the iron on ones. The sew in ones are much better though.

ohmeohmy Fri 09-Jul-10 13:59:56

thanks everyone

HouseofCrazy Fri 09-Jul-10 14:33:05

Can I gatecrash and ask a question? Why labels? Is there something I am missing with just writing their name on the hem/collar band on the inside? (other than resale value, but I have three kids and tbh if they even last more than a season I would be passing them down?) I often see these threads and wonder if I am missing something!

HoopyFroodDude Fri 09-Jul-10 14:37:10

I always get them from ebay they are miles cheaper and often arrive by the next day which i think is amazing.

HoopyFroodDude Fri 09-Jul-10 14:38:09

HouseofCrazy our uniform is a very dark colour and you could not just write on it. Good idea though.

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 09-Jul-10 19:49:17

labels look nice and sewing them in is good for steadying the nerves of nervous Mums.

To pass written labels on just do the surname.

escorchio Fri 09-Jul-10 19:54:48

We love the Stuck on You ones. They aren't the cheapest, but the are lovely, stick well, and the kids like that they can chose a little symbol to go with their name. They do plastic sticky ones too, for water bottles etc, and shoe labels.

beautifulgirls Sun 11-Jul-10 20:15:15

I hated the Cashs iron on labels - they all just fell off at the first wash, and when new ones applied same again. They refunded my money without question when I complained too. I then bought easy2name Iron on woven labels after asking on mumsnet for advice on where to get them and I think they are FAB. Not had one come off since they were put on. Also love their dishwasher proof labels for lunch boxes/water bottles etc and the shoe labels too.
Also love my trusty laundry marker pen which I use on quite few items too - I do find that does fade after a few washes though so needs to be checked and redone now and again.

Itsjustafleshwound Sun 11-Jul-10 20:21:13

House of crazy - I usually sew mine on, but just on the opposite short sides, so my two have a tag to use to hang their stuff on the hooks that seem to be everywhere ..

There is no guarantee that the uniforms get home or are in better state, but at least the labels are a full name and not just the initials that can be scribbled on the small labels ....

Saying that, I have got to using taggits (they are the tags with a non-removable catch) and the iron on tapes and name labels from stuck on You.

peroni Sun 11-Jul-10 20:37:29

I used sticky labels from this site - They haven't come off any clothes - much easier than ironing or sewing.

N1988 Thu 11-Sep-14 15:42:30

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Joaan12345 Thu 27-Oct-16 08:11:35

I've tried labels4kids sticky labels too and think they are great! However, I just recently found another company who has both woven labels AND no-iron labels which are amazing! Saves me a bunch of time!

Hersetta427 Thu 27-Oct-16 10:30:49

I use mynametags stick on ones. They work very well and make the clothes much easier to identity than a white label as you can buy bright and colourful ones that make them stand out - especially useful when they are very young.

Oriunda Sat 29-Oct-16 19:22:55

Stikins - brilliant. No ironing, just stick them off. Survives washing and dishwasher.

Oriunda Sat 29-Oct-16 19:23:14

Stick them on, rather.

CthulhuInDisguise Sat 29-Oct-16 19:26:59

I bought a pack of embroidered sew on ones from Cashs when DS started nursery. He is 16 now and there are still some unused labels in my sewing box!

idontlikealdi Sat 29-Oct-16 19:35:33

Stikins are brilliant.

Tomorrowillbeachicken Sat 29-Oct-16 22:07:31

We got the stikins from label planet and had no issues and they go on everything and none came off yet

Lilianne Tue 01-Nov-16 22:07:13

Stikins here too - all good so far, unlike the iron on ones I used before

bobgoblin23 Sun 06-Nov-16 00:01:30

I've been using attach a tag for a few years now. I put them on everything, even managed to get them in his shoes. DS likes them and has always called them 'his button'. I've used them since nursery and have placed several repeat orders, always great service from them too.

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