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End of year gifts?

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kitpuss Thu 24-Jun-10 20:47:08

Does anyone have any ideas for end of year gifts for teachers?

Especially if you are a teacher - are there things you get loads of and hate to receive, or would love and never get?

hellymelly Thu 24-Jun-10 20:49:03

Yes,teachers,tell us all the brutal truth..

overlysentimental Thu 24-Jun-10 20:52:42

DS is leaving pre-school shortly, and I really don't want to lumber them all with chocolates.

Wine? Is that appropriate?

orienteerer Thu 24-Jun-10 20:54:25

We club together as a class and buy one present, having first asked teacher if they have a preference for something specific.

cornsilk5793 Thu 24-Jun-10 20:55:37

you can never have enough wine

orienteerer Thu 24-Jun-10 21:30:08

cornsilk - I agreegrin.

compo Thu 24-Jun-10 21:35:12

We club together too and get vouchers like john lewis or similar

Seona1973 Thu 24-Jun-10 21:52:46

I did wine and chocolates for dd's teacher at school and ds's keyworker at nursery

busymummy3 Thu 24-Jun-10 22:20:08

no teachers presents this year have to tighten our belts and who started the whole thing off anyway?

clemettethedropout Thu 24-Jun-10 22:23:11

I would like to get something for both her teacher and the TA because she started reception screaming and clinging to the doorframe and is now delighted to go every day. I want to say thank you, but I don't have much spare money...

Goblinchild Thu 24-Jun-10 22:25:50

It seemed to take of with a vengeance in the mid 1990s, the giving presents every year thing. Before that it was usually only when you left the school that you were bought a plant or wine.
Of course, that's just my experience, someone will be along to list all the tributes they have received since the war.
I like homemade edibles, plants and sometimes a parent that knows me well has brought me a book I really liked.
Least useful, although appreciated, are all the smellies and mugs. Can't use one and the other I have far too many of anyway.
I donate stuff to a charity shop in another city, so no one gets hurt.

snice Thu 24-Jun-10 22:26:36

Then write them a short letter saying what you've just said and it will mean a lot to them smile

snice Thu 24-Jun-10 22:27:14

meant that to clemette

overlysentimental Thu 24-Jun-10 22:30:28

snice, for a minute I thought you were suggesting teachers write letters to say they don't need any more mugs grin grin

shinyshoes Thu 24-Jun-10 22:38:43

I stopped giving pressies a couple of years back, it was the biggest present buying headache bar christmas.

I'd not only buy the teacher, but the TA's as well and when they were both in primary it cost alot. I didnt want to buy more chocs and more wine so i'd search for weeks for the perfect present.

I get them a Thank You card and get them to write a little message in it. That's it, couple of quid sorted grin

shinyshoes Thu 24-Jun-10 22:40:20

weren't there a thread last year where one set of parents bought the teacher A SPA DAY!! shock shock

How can you top that!!

overlysentimental Thu 24-Jun-10 22:43:15

I would like to do something for DS's pre-school teacher though. DS is always saying how she loves oranges and they are her favourite food.

Terry's chocolate orange probably a no but can you think of anything else that might be suitable. I thought of a scented candle but not sure someone would want one that smelt of orange!

McSteamy Thu 24-Jun-10 22:45:53

I think I will get the children to bake their teachers a cake.

RollaCoasta Thu 24-Jun-10 22:49:57

To be brutally honest (well, you did ask!smile), I really don't like candles or smellies or jewellery or ornaments. I'm not keen on homemade ornaments either, as I'm not sure what to do with them.

I think the whole class collection is a brilliant idea - much cheaper for parents and it isn't as obvious if you haven't contributed! BUT - the downside is that someone has to be willing to do it.

Wine is always my and flowers are OK.

Personally, I don't really want or need any end of term presents, and certainly don't want parents like the OP worrying about what to get. I'd quite happily go without!

However, I really value appreciative, personal notes or comments on the reports. That is much, much better than any type of present.

lovingmy2 Fri 25-Jun-10 06:39:42

wine, flowers and the personal handmade things children make are always lovely. I got a picture once, accompanied by a letter from the child which had been laminated to make a nice keepsake. I still have it 6 yrs on and it still makes me think of the child. All the wine and chocs are long gone.

Feenie Fri 25-Jun-10 06:43:50

Quite happy with a handmade card and a personal message.

Other than that - wine, wine, more wine or a book token. smile

Flowers don't work - I usually visit my mother for her birthday straight after we break up, so have to give the flowers away. sad

Galena Fri 25-Jun-10 08:32:05

Yep - wine's always good! Or if something has come out in class that the teacher is a fan of (so I like maths/maths puzzles, so a sudoku book or something similar would be perfect). Or book tokens - most teachers end up buying resource books anyway. Or something personal from the child - biscuits in a pretty bag or cakes.

Not flowers, smellies or chocolate.

asdx2 Fri 25-Jun-10 11:26:25

I always let my lot write their own messages in the cards which always goes down well however honest they have been.
Past years efforts have been "the lessons were fun, the games were great, the ties and the jokes were awful grin

"you made us work hard, very hard, too hard but we had fun as well"

"I will miss your pretty dresses and your big smile but I hope Mrs X can sing better"

lilac21 Sat 26-Jun-10 00:53:48

Please, no wine - not all of us drink!

I'm quite happy not to get anything at all.

Galena Sat 26-Jun-10 07:43:05

My parents were teachers who didn't drink and used the wine given by parents at the end of the year if they went to dinner parties or for tombola prizes.

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