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ALUAP Sat 19-Jun-10 11:26:00

I am considering setting up a new infant school in the Lancashire area under the new Government legislation for free schools. I believe that the formative years of a child's life are the most important in developing their full potential in the future. I intend to create a school for children aged 3 to 7 years providing a curriculum that ensures they learn to read, write and calculate effectively. In addition I would like to provide them with the opportunity to develop skills and talents in music, art and dance as well as allowing children to pursue their own individual interests. I want to provide them with all that the latest technology has to offer and allow them to work in an environment that is similar in style to a home as opposed to a 'school' setting. Please let me know if you are interested in a) setting up and organising the school
b) sending your child to a school like this
I am currently the deputy headteacher of a large primary school and a mum.

Wordsonascreen Sat 19-Jun-10 11:40:42

I really don't understand how parents/teachers are going to set up these schools so quickly.

Planning applications and then the actual build cost by the time its all up and running your reception age child would be in yr 3 (and thats being optomistic)

Or am I totally missing the point?

mrz Sat 19-Jun-10 12:06:47

Nice idea but not sure you've really though things through

hastingsmum Sat 19-Jun-10 15:39:58

I'm not in your area but I'm thinking along your lines. smile
I'm also thinking of setting up a free school in the south east.
I was going to home educate my children because I don't believe in the English state schools.
I want to set up a "Democratic" school, where children have as much say as the teachers on how and what they learn and where the first few years (up to 7-8 years old) are just about play and where they don't get graded and tested, just enjoy learning.

RollaCoasta Sat 19-Jun-10 15:56:36

I'm surprised that a deputy headteacher is interested in doing this.

As a school leader, you will be aware that running a school is a time-consuming business. You have buildings maintenance, helth and safety, SEN, personnel (staff and support workers such as caretakers, lunchtime supervisors), grounds maintenance, etc, etc to deal with, as well as the education of the children. In your free school, you will be responsible for finding and funding (and retaining) all of these yourself, without any support from the LA.

The current curriculum IMHO covers all the things you mention (i.e. reading, 'riting, 'rithmetic, in addition to allowing for a certain amount of creativity). The only difference is that most schools aren't in cosy, 'home' settings. (A cosy, small setting, will cost more in terms of bills, staffing, etc because there won't be any economies of scale.)

zapostrophe Sat 19-Jun-10 16:49:47

Message withdrawn

littleducks Sat 19-Jun-10 16:56:03

I would love to send my child to a school like yours. Unfortunately am not your area, good luck!

admission Sat 19-Jun-10 21:33:18

I think that you have no chance in the way that you are describing because you simply will not have the finances to make it work, unless the government is going to give you vast amounts of money over and above that each state school gets.
There is also a problem for all your pupils, if you ever get it off the ground, as they will find it very difficult to get into a primary school for year 3.

hocuspontas Sun 20-Jun-10 13:23:16

Are these schools going to have to follow the EYFS?
Also, who decides the admissions?

mrz Sun 20-Jun-10 13:52:31

The application form asks the group to explain why they want to set up the school, what its aims and objectives would be and what evidence they have of local demand.

The Department for Education carries out background checks, including criminal record searches, to ensure the group is "suitable" to run a school. Extremist and fundamentalist groups will not be approved, the DfE said.

If the group passes the checks, the Secretary of State can conditionally agree to the proposal.

Business case and plan

The applicants write a business case and plan, providing more in-depth detail about every aspect of their proposed school.

This includes its educational goals, thorough evidence of demand in the local area and specifications of the site.

When this is complete, the application again goes before the Secretary of State, who can formally approve the final proposals.

Final stages

The group is given access to start-up funds after signing a contract with the Secretary of State. Normal registration processes required to become an academy are then followed.

Work to establish the physical school building, as well as staff, equipment and systems is undertaken. When this is in place, the admissions process for the first group of pupils is begun.

When all this is complete, the school is ready to open. The first free schools are set to do so in September 2011.

brimfull Sun 20-Jun-10 13:57:12

How will it be different to Infant schools now. My ds has managed to learn to read , write and calculate effectively at his Infant school , as well as all the other stuff you mentioned.

ALUAP Sun 20-Jun-10 21:49:33

Thank you all for your comments. I just wanted to see what response there would be to my questions:
a) Who would be interested in setting one up?
b) Who would like to send their child to a school like this?
This is not the forum to explain in detail how it may be achieved. Many parents are very happy with the education their sons or daughters receive whilst others are not. I became a teacher because I was dissatisfied with the education my children were receiving and I would like to offer a better way for those parents who feel similarly.

noteventhebestdrummer Sun 20-Jun-10 22:19:29

I'm in Cheshire, love teaching music to this age group, especially violin with the most cute 1/16 size instruments, let me know if I can help!

ivykiller Sat 26-Jun-10 21:01:25

I would definitely be interested in helping set one up and also sending my child to one of these, wherabouts in Lancashire are you?

betelguese Sun 03-Oct-10 14:21:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Viti Mon 08-Oct-12 12:16:03

Did you manage to set up your school? I would be interested in helping you. I am a primary school teacher.

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