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Scotts Park, St Vincents, Farringtons, Bromley High and Braeside - any insider/outsider knowledge?

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Jixin Thu 17-Jun-10 16:34:45

Hi Everyone
Apologies - this also appears under 'Surbitan High enquiry' I am new here and still trying to get the hang of it! blush
I am trying to choose a primary school for our daughter and have recently moved to Chislehurst so don't know schools around here that well. I have seen there are some great state schools that I don't think we are close enough to get into (we are near Elmstead Woods Station). I liked the look of *Scotts Park* when we visited - a tiny hope we may just about be close enough depending on number of applicants. Have heard good things about *St Vincents* in Mottingham too but when I visited I didn't feel I got to see a lot so came away without much of an impression apart from not the nicest of settings/buildings (not my priority if what is going on inside them is great!) Then if it comes to it we will consider independent and am waying up Farringtons which I loved more than any school on visiting but just a bit worried may not stretch a fairly bright child (anyone know if this is true? Would love to be told otherwise!), *Bromley High* which I know is high performing but I do wonder if they are all about grades and even with dd seeming like she might be fairly academic not sure I am drawn to a school where this is the overiding priority. Finally Braeside where she is enjoying nursery at the moment and I like the small and friendly atmosphere but wish it had the green space of some of the other schools. Totally confused - please excuse quite long rambling message but I would be so grateful for tips from anybody 'in the know re any of these schools'. Thank you!!!

Sallyssss Sat 04-Sep-10 15:58:39

I have also recently moved to Chislehurst, and considering the independent schools. Have you also looked at Mead Road Infants or Edgbury (although I think you have to live very close by).

We are also looking at Babingtons and Bromley High. I am a bit concerned Bromley High is a little too pushy - but as I don't know anyone there I don't really know!

Sushiqueen Tue 07-Sep-10 13:28:55

Dd went to Farringtons for a couple of years before we moved. She loved it there and we were impressed with the education she received. She was certainly stretched and used to be given extra work to do in class if she had finished before the others. As the classes were small they seemed to be able to fit the teaching to the individual pupil. So if they needed more help they got it but not to the detriment of the more able pupils.

If we could have we would have left her there for junior school and then reconsidered when it came to Senior school. Wasn't totally convinced by the senior side and I know a lot of the parents were working on the basis that they would put them in for the 11+ and then move them to a grammar school for senior.

Not sure about the state schools you mentioned as my friends children go to the school the other end of Chislehurst.

Sallyssss Fri 15-Oct-10 11:47:08

Hi, where did you choose in the end?

bexmumb Fri 29-Oct-10 11:34:22


Jixin Sat 30-Oct-10 10:02:55

Still thinking about this one but at the moment St Vincents if we get a place or if not, staying on at Braeside where she already attends Kindergarten. Change our mind every week though!

FilippaC Sat 06-Dec-14 23:27:39

Hi Jixin, would be interested to know if you got a place at st vincent in the end. We are looking to move to bennets copse (so probably not far from where you live) are catholics and would like to understand how difficult/competitive is to get in. We would be 0.7miles far from the school. Many thanks.

airedailleurs Sat 03-Jan-15 19:14:06

Filippa or OP have you considered St Joseph's RC Primary? It's just around the corner from Scotts Park and seems quite good/ are also near to Red Hill primary (state) which is a good school and has lovely big grounds if that's one of the things you are looking for OP.

LL0015 Tue 06-Jan-15 16:15:05

You should also consider schools the other way!
It's not far to
St Olaves Prep
And a little further to
West Lodge, Benedict House and Merton court in Sidcup.

fionaf Sat 14-Feb-15 15:48:35

DD started at the pre- reception at Farringtons, it is a great school and she was really happy there until end of Y2 when it became clear the brightest were leaving and at start of Y3 we had to make the tough decision to move her to Bromley High as she was bored at Farringtons. She really likes Bromley High, is a bit more stretched but not as much as we expected. She is now in Y5 at Bromley High and been there two years, we are not ruling out her staying on for secondary but she has her heart set on some more academically stretching schools.

ChalkyC Sat 14-Feb-15 23:05:19

Eeek we are starting both our DS at Farringtons in sept - reception and yr2 - I'm hoping the new head might pick things up a bit in terms of academic standards in the secondary school. My impression was the junior school standards were really good....

SWebb34 Tue 07-Feb-17 17:07:27

ChalkyC how are your kids getting in at farringtons, we are weighing up there, Braeside and Red Hill. Paying is a stretch for us so want to know it will be worth it!

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