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Brooklands Primary SE3 Greenwich - Any good?

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FrancyMgo Mon 14-Jun-10 16:24:31

hi there
I would be really grateful of some advise regarding the standard of Nursery/Primary education at Brooklands School, SE3. It is not too far from us and I am struggling to find a good nursery to send my 3 year old DS to. Having read the Ofsted reports, I have been slightly put off applying there although I have also been told not to put too much emphasis on what Ofsted has to say. I understand that the school was put under 'special measures' a while ago but I would be really grateful of some 'real' advice as I have also heard it used to great a short while ago...many thanks!

icancancan Mon 14-Jun-10 18:12:48

brooklands used to be a great school a couple of years ago but a change of head and direction plunged it into special measures. still very sought after as people recognise this is a temp blip. 'executive' head still there (from halstow) I think. my friends dd attends nursery and she is happy with it. think catchment is pretty tight.

FrancyMgo Mon 14-Jun-10 19:01:35

Thankyou for that icancancan

Madsometimes Tue 15-Jun-10 11:06:17

It is a good school, ignore Ofsted! Brooklands was joint top in the LEA tables and while I know that SATs results are not the be all and end all, I think that it is hmm to condemn this school.

Be warned though, getting a nursery place does not guarantee a reception place, and despite the Ofsted report this school is still oversubscribed and many nursery children are disappointed.

gladders Tue 15-Jun-10 12:07:46

have you looked round the school yet?

i considered the nursery for ds - but it seemed really huge and chaotic when I visited? I'm sure their teacher/child ratios were correct but lots of the kids didn't really seem involved in any activity and no one seemed aware of it?

ds ended up going to first steps in st michaels church hall on blackheath park - a much smaller set up where kids really get involved. it is a private nursery, and i don't think they take the government vouchers any more though?

if cost is an issue i know people who used the motessori in the village and liked that - and that does take the government vouchers....

FrancyMgo Tue 15-Jun-10 21:14:35

Thanks all for your help, very much appreciated. I am going to fill in an application form, albeit late just in case i'm lucky. I am a bit stuck for choice where I am as the nearest state schools are an absolute no no for me..either that or I keep ds where he is and pay each term a top up fee..

gladders Wed 16-Jun-10 09:41:11

if it's just for a nursery place you might be ok - keep phoning to see where you are on the list.

FrancyMgo Thu 17-Jun-10 12:02:19

Cheers gladders

Blackheathmum1 Thu 07-Apr-11 11:43:19

I have friends there who are extremely happy! They have a new head of school there and the school has transformed. The standards are very high and the school is very welcoming. I suggest you have a visit although I can see it is a little too late for you now. I visited recently and fell in love with the school its just a shame that my daughter didn't get in.

sallyo1981 Thu 07-Apr-11 12:04:51

hi there
I am afraid i am a bit of a lurker on these boards but i just had to comment!
My DS1 is in year 2 and we LOVE IT!
Please dont take any notice of the ofsted, alot has happended since then.
There is a new head of school in place, (since Sept) and he is amazing, really inspirational. We were really impressed with his vision for the school, and it is really changing. Its so friendly and welcoming and DS loves school, he has made so much much progress.
Nothing more to say other than, its only going to get harder to get in once word spreads that is well back on track, so to speak!
All the best

itsmemichael Thu 07-Apr-11 14:43:35

Agree with you there sallyo1981. The environment of the School is so peaceful, the children there are so lucky. All the parents that took their children out during that 'blip' must be so sick now it is on the up and up..

itsmemichael Thu 07-Apr-11 18:53:45

Its a shame that you relied on your first impressions 'gladders' as they're not always correct. First time l saw my partner l wasn't impressed but look at us now! The Nursery at Brooklands is friendly, progressive and is just the start that our 'little ones' need before Reception.

fabu Fri 26-Oct-12 23:18:04

Can anyone give me information about the catchment area for Brooklands primary school in Greenwich? Till about what distance away from school, you can get your child a place there.

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