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Anyone know Rhodes Ave school (N22)?

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fromheretomaternity Wed 09-Jun-10 20:45:16

We are looking at a house which is close by to Rhodes Avenue school in Alexandra Park in London. I've looked up the Ofsted reports which are very good but am trying to get more of an idea of a feel of the school - in particular the ethnic mix (as DS is mixed race), and whether it's as 'snobby' as some of the Muswell Hill schools seem to be eg Tetherdown...?

Going on school tour next week so will get the sales patter but any info from anyone who knows it or has kids there would be great.

fromheretomaternity Wed 09-Jun-10 23:08:07

Bump... Anyone there before I fall off the bottom of the page?

AnnaSergeyevna Thu 10-Jun-10 12:27:39

you need mussyhillmum, she seems to know alot about the schools around there

WoodRose Thu 10-Jun-10 13:47:53

Hi. My DC don't go to Rhodes Ave, but I know a few children who do. It is a very sought after school - more emaphasis on the academic than the creative apparently. I do know they stream for literacy in years 5 & 6, for example.
In the past, the catchment has been very small and most parents are affluent. I'm afraid I can't comment on the cultural diversity. My impression is that Muswell Hill and Coldfall are the most culturally diverse in Muswell Hill.

As for "snobbishness", I have heard that it is more akin to Tetherdown. Some parents I know complain that the school promotes only those who achieve academically or on the sports field, but I don't have first knowledge of this. It could be sour grapes. Have you had a look around the school?

By the way, it is supposed to be expanding into a three form entry so the economic and cultural diversity of the school may increase.

fromheretomaternity Thu 10-Jun-10 21:29:23

Thanks - am going to do the school tour on Tuesday so should get an idea of the ethnic mix then, but the culture of a school is so hard to judge in a half hour whizz round.

I have to say I would prefer something more diverse and relaxed than WoodRose suggests it is, but I will reserve judgement till I go there.

WoodRose Fri 11-Jun-10 17:36:40

Hi! I thought I would let you know that I had coffee this morning with a mum who has more first hand knowledge of Rhodes than I do. She says that given its small catchment area, in her opinion, the children come from a pretty diverse cultural and economic background. I hope things go well for you on Tuesday.

fromheretomaternity Sun 13-Jun-10 17:50:32

Hi - thanks for the update! Off to see the school on Tuesday so will try to judge for myself then.

nlondondad Mon 14-Jun-10 14:43:48

I dont know Rhodes Avenue, but I would point out that because of where it is, the radius of entry reaches to Wood Green which would automatically make it more ethnically diverse; and the expansion to three form entry will accentuate this.

Tetherdown until recently was only one form entry and because of where it was had little ethnic , and as far as I could tell, even less social diversity. It went up to two form entry, and so relatively did the diversity.

fromheretomaternity Sun 11-Jul-10 16:24:51

Thanks for all the comments. Quick update in case this is of interest to others. Went to the school tour a couple of weeks back, and also to the summer fair. Did not get any impression of snobbishness or excessive white-middle-class syndrome - although presumably reflecting the shrinking catchment area, the younger classes were noticeably less diverse than the older ones. School actually seemed very down to earth, kids looked happy with plenty of interesting activities going on.

School buildings themselves pretty shabby with some really cramped classrooms - especially noticeable after visiting Weston Park and Coleridge which are much more impressive looking. But the expansion and refurbishment plans look like they will make a huge difference.

So if we can get close enough (and 3 form entry should help, if only a little), we would be very happy sending DS and DS2-to-be there.

CasperTFG Sun 10-Apr-11 12:53:24

Refurbishment building works will be completed by September term 2011.

Wider catchment this year .4 something of a mile as opposed to last years .24 and increased to three form entry. Dominant tribe is longer, middle class, shaggy "in a band" hair (for boys) and less working class "Beckham" footballer crop. New reception year intake will get use of new modern facilities. Older years will stay 2 form until they leave then whole school will be 3 form.

Xashax007 Fri 12-Apr-13 13:49:36

Hi there!

My DS is starting reception in 2015, long time ahead.
I was just wondering if living 0.195 mile from the Rhodes Avenue school postcode will be enought to get him in.

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