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Do you get your child anything for graduating from primary?

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KerryMumbles Wed 09-Jun-10 09:55:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bonsoir Wed 09-Jun-10 09:56:28


Ronaldinhio Wed 09-Jun-10 09:58:19


KerryMumbles Wed 09-Jun-10 09:59:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pootles2010 Wed 09-Jun-10 10:02:33

a graduation ceremony? for primary school? erm thats a bit nuts! I seem to remember a 'leavers assembly' but not much else.

DrSpechemin Wed 09-Jun-10 10:03:54

god no - why should they?

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 09-Jun-10 10:05:15

Fuck off! Tell me that isn't true. There is a line in the Incredibles about rewarding the mediocre. Leavers assembly for my DD too and she goes to a very Americancentric school.

exexpat Wed 09-Jun-10 10:11:19

No, but the school gave everyone in my DS's class (at the end of year 6) a mug with their class picture printed on it, and a CD-rom with a kind of year-book on it - pictures and comments they had written themselves. If the school doesn't do anything like that, it might be a nice souvenir for your DC and friends if you did it yourselves. No need for any big 'graduation presents' though.

KerryMumbles Wed 09-Jun-10 10:12:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ZZZenAgain Wed 09-Jun-10 10:13:23

no, wouldn't have occurred to me tbh. You might have to ask around where you live if it is the done thing there though.

QOD Wed 09-Jun-10 10:17:37

Our school gives them a dictionary or something - but hadn't occurred to me!

ZZZenAgain Wed 09-Jun-10 10:19:35

actually presents which are in fact things you'd have to buy anyway for secondary is not a bad way of tackling it.

I suppose you could have a special day if everyone else in the class is. Maybe just bake a cake or go to the cinema together

piscesmoon Wed 09-Jun-10 10:19:43

I thought you were going to say university!

ZZZenAgain Wed 09-Jun-10 10:20:18

we'll have them throwing hats in the air when they graduate from playgroup next

seeker Wed 09-Jun-10 10:20:49

Oh, ffs!

KerryMumbles Wed 09-Jun-10 10:22:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ilovemydogandMrObama Wed 09-Jun-10 10:24:59

Oh why not?

Loving the anti American sentiment this morning. Another one hating the term 'play date' as too American...

ZZZenAgain Wed 09-Jun-10 10:25:46

if you want to mark it somehow, do it.

If you don't want to particularly, do something small but clear to the dc so everyone is happy

ZZZenAgain Wed 09-Jun-10 10:26:55

so is it an American thing to celebrate graduating from primary school? You see, we don't know that and don't generally do it AFAIK so it seems odd to us.

You got to just explain it and eventually we get it. How do you celebrate it in the States then?

weegiemum Wed 09-Jun-10 10:31:54

My dcs nursery had a "graduation" - a certificate, they wore little robes a Mum made a few years ago, and were each given a school tie for the primary school attatched to the school (except the few who were going elsewhere - they got something appropriate for their own new school). I went, and clapped and took pics, but no presents from us.

Primary -> Secondary is a big transition, but I would rather mark it by getting cool stuff in the autumn - bag, new pencil case, dictionaries for new languages etc .... celebrate the start of the new, not the end of the old, IYSWIM!

shimmerysilverglitter Wed 09-Jun-10 10:38:14

I probably would get something actually, not especially expensive or anything but I would like to mark it.

HousewifeOfOrangeCounty Wed 09-Jun-10 10:40:55

DD1 leaves school this year and we will probably do something to mark it - a trip to Pizza Express or that kind of thing.

YoginiPinkBikini Wed 09-Jun-10 10:42:30

We gave dd a nice fountain pen when when she finished primary, which is her prized possession now. She was over the moon - she's that kind of girl!

Don't know if other parents did or not.

mollymax Wed 09-Jun-10 10:49:27

My dd1 who is in Yr6 is going on a school resadential trip for a week in july. I suppose that will be her "leaving" present from us. Although we are planning on having a nice day shopping for her new uniform and stationery, she will enjoy that because it will be just the two of us, and not the other 2 dd's.

cory Wed 09-Jun-10 10:50:49

If the child has written a publishable thesis I might consider it. Otherwise not.

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