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Stockport Grammar Junior School - opinions / experiences.

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BlueRangerwobblesallover Tue 08-Jun-10 09:25:10


Just put both my children in to this school. I'm wondering if anyone on here went to the school, has children at the school, has had children at the school.

I think I'm happy with my choice but would love to hear others opinions and experiences.


alypaly Tue 08-Jun-10 23:59:07

mine went to Greenbank and then on to Cheadle Hschool. Was not happy with the parental interview process at stockport Grammar so we decided against it. Their opening question was . What does your child have to offer the school....huh.....not what the school had to offer us....funny way of interviewing and it totally got my my back up with there attitude. Am so glad we chose Cheadle Hulme school for both our boys. They have thrived there and I believe there is less pressure on the children too.The teachers are soooo much more approachable.

alypaly Wed 09-Jun-10 00:42:08

that was meant to say Cheadle Hulme School.blush

alypaly Wed 09-Jun-10 00:43:32

typos are bad,very tired.(their) should read my comments before i post.sorry

lovecheese Wed 09-Jun-10 11:45:59

I would never send my children there on principle. Why? Because the old Davenport theatre was knocked down for their expansion and I saw "Babes in the wood" there in 1976, my first theatre trip. wink

BlueRangerwobblesallover Wed 09-Jun-10 22:20:18

LOL at Lovecheese!

Aly, was it a parental interview for the senior school?

Mine are in the junior school and other than a look around with the junior school headmaster, we weren't interviewed. We asked how the school could help our children (both have specific but differing needs).

islandofsodor Wed 09-Jun-10 22:34:23

No direct experience except that their old head is now head of my children's school and we have a catchphrase since he joined "thats how it was done at Stockport"!!!! as there have been several changes, some good, some not so good but he seems a nice bloke in general.

myredquattro Wed 09-Jun-10 22:50:28

My eldest 2kids are at another local indie junior school. SGJS has a very good reputation but I found them very aloof. Arrogant, almost. It was also less rounded than I wanted but if you want a very driven academic scene then maybe it's for you. I have a friend with a child in Reception there and she is very pleased with it though she does need to get there about half hour before end of day just to get parked.

I don't think it's a bad school but you need to be sure it's what you're looking for.

BlueRangerwobblesallover Thu 10-Jun-10 20:50:16

MRQ - what do you mean by "less rounded"? I think you mean it's all about academic studies and less pastrol care?

I'm hearing Cheadle Hulme school a great deal - less academically driven, more pastrol care and activities.

JUST talking about the junior school - our experience so far has been very kind teachers, approachable Head Master, mostly kind children, huge mix of parents (from snotty to really down to Earth!!!).

Agree - when I've needed to collect the children in the car, it's been a real PITA! Fortunately, we can walk most of the time.

noteventhebestdrummer Sat 12-Jun-10 21:37:36

it's a very, very white school...

I do know there are some lovely teachers in the Junior School. We got put off the Senior school by the snotty interview too!

myredquattro Sat 12-Jun-10 21:37:53

No, I didn't mean less pastoral I meant less breadth if that makes sense. At Cheadle Hulme for eg, the activities on offer were fabulous both at Junior and senior age. I didn't find it less academic TBH and like SGS, they also screen at 4+. It just seemed more vibrant as if academics were important but that education is more than just the academics.

We almost sent ours there (CHS)and will almost certainly do so at 7. However, we went for the nurturing prep 5min walk away as DD1 could also go (CHS doesn't have a nursery) We're in Wilmslow, so quite a drive to CHS. Still debating whether to send DD2 there straight into Recep as then all 3 will be in the one place.

As I said, SGS has a very good reputation and we're a area with a plethora of excellent independent schools. If your children are already there then you must be happy with it and they will get an excellent education there, I'm sure.

user1484176610 Fri 13-Jan-17 20:01:26

Hi.. I am new here and just wanted to know what the Stockport Grammar admission process is? My children have had their exams on Wednesday and have been invited for an interview.

Can anyone tell me what happens at the interview process and is there anyone who has got a place after the interview?

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