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Primary school in Redhill /Merstham

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craftyclogs Sat 29-May-10 10:50:26

Hi, we live on Frenches road and my son is 3 in June. We are lost as to which primary schools he will be eligible for when the time comes. It seems Wray Common is quite close by, but as this appears in the Reigate schools thread, maybe we're out of the catchment?

Do any other mum's have experience of primary schools in the Redhill /Merstham area? Unfortunately we are not religious and this seems to limit the choice of schools available.

Thanks for any info you can give!

LIZS Sat 29-May-10 10:58:30

Surrey usually work on distance as one of the criteria rather than fixed catchment areas. The Surrey CC website has an online admissions booklet for this year which will give you the criteria applied per school and how many were admitted under each in 2009/10. The new one should be out in September for applications in your ds' year group usually with a deadline at beginning of October half term. I wouldn't exclude Wray Common but also worth looking at Merstham Primary, St Matthews(normally have a number of non-religious places), Earlswood and perhaps Furzefield (Merstham).

craftyclogs Sat 29-May-10 11:14:39

Thanks Lizs, it sounds like we have until this October then to look round and make our choices. Do you think we are doing this at the right time?

It's such a scary big decision and we didn't have schools (or children!) in mind when we moved to the area - we just had to find an area we could afford! We don't know anyone in the area with school-aged children so have never known what the local education standards are like, and whether we should scrape together an move to a better catchment area, or whether the local schools are good!

LIZS Sat 29-May-10 11:37:32

Most of the primaries are fine tbh, it is the secondaries where there is a big variance. As close as you may be your ds may well not get into St Bedes for example, as approx 240 places are allocated on basis of religion and only 20 or so "other" . You have time yet for the other schools to develop though. I think most of the primaries will have open days early next term or maybe late this (call and ask if nto on website). Another thing to bear in mind is that most of the Reigate schools are infant only and children will go on to a range of junior schools - I think Wray Common has both age groups.

craftyclogs Sat 29-May-10 11:57:31

Thanks for all the information Lizs, it's really helpful - time to get in touch with the Primary schools me thinks!

Thanks again!

Mdrm Tue 12-Jul-16 22:03:17

URGENT- anyone can give a fair review of St Joseph Catholic school in Redhill (Surrey)? The school called yesterday to offer a place for my son in September. Thanks

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