KS1 - past papers - where/best sites?

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Cortina Sat 01-May-10 09:53:31

Looking for SATS key stage one past question papers?

Just had a quick search but wonder where the best/most up -to-date papers are to be found?


Batteryhuman Sat 01-May-10 09:57:04

Just out of interest why would you want them? You wouldn't be wanting to ask you child to practise would you? Please say no.

deaddei Sat 01-May-10 10:00:22

Agree with Batteryhuman- WHY???
We are talking 6 year olds.

scrab806ble Sat 01-May-10 10:00:35

Agree with Battery, why on earth are you looking for them? Anyway format changes every year, so last years will not help. If your child is happy and working well in school, they will do fine, and if not...it REALLY doesn't matter, they are only 7!!

PrettyCandles Sat 01-May-10 10:02:53

Don't do it.

Cortina Sat 01-May-10 10:05:26

Lots of reasons, any sites you can point me towards? Thanks.

scrab806ble Sat 01-May-10 10:08:22

Don't really think are any. If you are desp erate, schools probably hold back copies. Honestly tho' they do change format every year, so this year will be different again.

Veritythebrave Sat 01-May-10 10:16:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MmeBlueberry Sat 01-May-10 10:19:35

Get them from:
St Joseph's school, Pickering

They are free to download.

rainbowinthesky Sat 01-May-10 10:21:05

WHSmith sell them. Why such horror from some posters??

mrz Sat 01-May-10 10:25:47

There is no advantage over using past question papers to using any of the SAT practise books if you are intent on going down the practise route.
You are unlikely to find recent tests as these are used for the actual test (this year schools can use 2007 or 2009 papers).

Cortina Sat 01-May-10 10:32:57

Thanks again. St Joseph's school site is v comprehensive but couldn't find for KS1 only KS2?

HeavyMetalGlamourRockStar Sat 01-May-10 11:02:22

You can get them for free on the Standards website - they have mapped questions to levels - it's very useful. Have looked for a link but I think the website is having problems at the moment with the seach function.

mrz Sat 01-May-10 11:02:47

By rainbowinthesky Sat 01-May-10 10:21:05
WHSmith sell them. Why such horror from some posters??

WHS don't sell them they sell practise tests but not actual past papers.

As I said cortina you are unlikely to find genuine recent papers for KS1 because they are reused in a cycle so making them available would also make them useless for assessment.

HeavyMetalGlamourRockStar Sat 01-May-10 11:09:50

Discovered this link yesterday, when ds came home all excited about a museum he'd learned about at school and wanted to plan a visit during the summer holidays - so we googled Midhampton Museum - only to discover it didn't exist - it was a Sat Test - he was gutted. sad

Sats papers

RollaCoasta Sat 01-May-10 11:22:35

There seems to be so much repetition on this site about this. (I actually think 'mrz' and 'feenie' are an automated answering service that clicks in whenever there are posts about KS1 tests. No-one in RL could be that patient.)

If you're going to buy them, for whatever reason, please, please, don't go out and buy 2007 or 2009 papers. It is REALLY annoying if a child pipes up 'I've done this one at home', just as you're about to start a test. It won't help their level, because the level they are given will be based on their school work. (Hmmmm... that was a novel idea.... base an assessment on a child's work rather than a test.)

Feenie Sat 01-May-10 11:25:53

Shame it didn't catch on!

You made me laugh, rollacoaster. I don't think my dh would agree with you about my patience! grin

Trafficcone Sat 01-May-10 11:37:54

Oh good grief if anyone wants their 7 yr old to revise
for their SATs. You do realise that they do and mean NOWT don't you?? The results mean something for the school and the teachers but nothing for the children. Even the KS2s don't mean a heck of alot though they are used by secondaries when
they think about putting yr 7s into ability sets.

If you want to see the paper and reassure the child the. Ask their class teacher to show you one. Your child WILL know what they look like. If you're running to Smiths to buy them then I'd say you're wanting to 'cram' the child and that's pretty sad.

mrz Sat 01-May-10 11:39:21

By Feenie Sat 01-May-10 11:25:53
Shame it didn't catch on!
whatever next! teachers marking books?

Feenie Sat 01-May-10 11:41:42

And pointless.

(Here comes the automated message):

The tests are just a very small part of the overall teacher assessment. Many other sources of evidence will be gathered to arrive at a final teacher assessment, and it is this result which will be reported to you at the end of the year (not the test results).



HeavyMetalGlamourRockStar Sat 01-May-10 15:05:55

To be fair - our school has never indicated that the tests are just part of an assessment and that you shouldn't worry about them. I think most people don't understand that there is a difference between the KS1 Sats and the KS2 Sats.

I know - but only because of MN.

lovingthesun Sat 01-May-10 15:19:12

I don't see why the test results mean 'nowt'.

I've just bought some practise papers & some work books because it's quite apparent by DC is behind. DH & I are trying to help bring her up to speed because we don't want her to get lost. We are also a little concerned in case she is dyslexic.

I'm disappointed by the school too, because, as far as I'm concerned it's the teachers job to teach, not mine. However, have realised (rather late) that this isn't happening, so now we are helping her to practise learning money (she couldn't work out the money to buy something for 50p the other day. And she is also getting her teens wrong e.g. confusing 14 with 40.

lovingthesun Sat 01-May-10 15:20:51

...in answer to your question, look on amazon for practise papers, workbooks, which are quite fun & interesting & revision books.smile

NoahAndTheWhale Sat 01-May-10 15:31:54

Having seen Cortina's posts in education before I really don't think it is likely that she is planning to go through tests with her DC.

I am sure she has good reasons for wanting to look at previous tests.

mrz Sat 01-May-10 16:32:33

By lovingthesun Sat 01-May-10 15:19:12
I don't see why the test results mean 'nowt'.

The results of KS1 tests would indicate to me the class teacher if a child had a problem in a particular area on the day they took the test nothing more nothing less.

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