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Calling Bournville/Cotteridge mums...

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elizasmum10 Mon 12-Apr-10 19:58:20

Hi there. My daughter is due to start school next year and we're moving into the south brum area. We've seen a house that we know is out of the catchment area for b'ville infants so the local school would be Cotteridge infants. Any opinions on either? We're not religious so know we wouldn't stand a chance of any of the other schools. Heard good and bad about both and be good to know what mums think. Thank you!

sharron37 Wed 21-Apr-10 11:22:09

HI there

my 3 children all attend Cotteridge J&I school. If you have any specefic questions feel free to ask away

elizasmum10 Mon 10-May-10 20:02:07

Hi Sharron37! Sorry, we've had enormous problems with internet access so I'm not sure you'll pick this up, it being so long since you posted a response. Thankyou for replying. I suppose I'd like to know anything good and bad that you feel about the school. Our daughter is quite an overly sensitive child and I suppose I'm concerned, like any parent, about the early years at school. Thankyou.

HaggisnMe Wed 12-May-10 22:40:20

I'm currently looking at schools too - not sure if we meet the catchment area for Bournville (think we might be a street out) but not sure where you find this out??
I believe Bournville had better Ofstead results - as did St Laurences.

elizasmum10 Wed 12-May-10 22:49:34

Hi Haggis, if you call Bournville School they'll tell you. It doesn't work on a radius catchment area but goes by streets so they'll probably send you an email listing them which you can put onto a map yourself. I know B'ville had a good Ofsted, in fact most of the schools around there seem to have good/outstanding, Cotteridge included. St Laurence is out for us as we're looking for non religious school!

It's so fraught isn't it?!

HaggisnMe Wed 12-May-10 22:54:54

Thanks Elizasmum, I'll give them a call - it's a minefield - I've never liked Cotteridge school from the outside - I know thats not a great way to judge and is unimportant as long as whats going on inside is good - but it just puts me off! I have a friend who has 2 girls there and I think she's reasonably happy with it - I'm seeing her on Friday so I'll ask more and let you know! Have you considered Kings Norton?

elizasmum10 Thu 13-May-10 09:57:44

I gather that Kings Norton has an ever decreasing catchment area each year as there's such a population of families near the school. If you're a mile away then you're very unlikely to get offered a place, at least that's what I've been told by a couple of mums I've met whose kids go there.
I know what you mean about Cotteridge, from the main road it looks quite austere but I've been told that it's actually a rather lovely victorian building. Obv doesn't quite compare to bournville for appearance, but then waht could?!

sharron37 Thu 13-May-10 12:56:45

Ive never had any problems with Cotteridge, my son is in year 6 so he leaves in July, My neice is in Year 2 and I have twins about to leave the nursery and go into reception.

The one thing Im not too impressed with is the school trips, as Mrs James (the head) is insistant thatthe school is a fully inclusinve school, a lot of the school trips are local ones (ie: botanical Gardens, Birmingham Museums ect) which I do think is a shame as I feel the children miss out on the fun/experience that I had as a child !

Other than that I honestly would have no problems in recommending the School, the early years is excellent and my twins absolutley love it and cant wait to move upto the reception class.

The building is old and from the outside doesnt look the best ! but its fine inside, and they are constantly upgrading the classrooms so the children have nice surroundings.

Good luck in your search for a school, and if I can help more... just shout !

elizasmum10 Thu 13-May-10 20:42:32

Thankyou so much Sharron37, it's great to hear something so positive about the school. To be honest, asking around I was getting what I perceived to be a bit of snobbery about the Bournville/Cotteridge divide. But lately I've heard a fair few negatives about Bournville Junior school so maybe it's not as perfect as it appears from the outside! Like you say Haggis, can't choose a school based on the building!

Good to know that the school is being upgraded, but then I think so long as the teaching is good and the atmosphere conducive to good/fun learning then the building isn't so important. Anything would be an improvement on all those lessons in draughty portacabins when I were a lass!

Hearing a really positive recommendation means a lot, so thankyou. If the worst issue is the trips then that's just an excuse for us to take dd on more day trips! Hearing that the early years are so good puts my mind at ease too so thankyou.

goodtoknow Fri 23-Oct-15 11:07:08

Cotteridge school is undergoing alot of change re staff governors and premises. Needs work but should do better in the future.

Racundra Fri 23-Oct-15 11:11:37

There's also Raddlebarn, which seems nice from what I've heard.

BackforGood Fri 23-Oct-15 23:54:03

Er - This thread is 5YEARS OLD.... I suspect advice might be a bit late grin

Racundra Fri 23-Oct-15 23:58:08

Oops! There was no zombie warning hmm

knickernicker Sat 24-Oct-15 00:11:13

Well it might be fun to find out what happened next for the OPs. I used to live n Cotteridge pre child. Does Gumbleys still have half an empty butchers and are Eye of Horus and Dallas still there?

happypotamus Sun 25-Oct-15 10:52:40

For anyone reading for up-to-date information, you wouldn't get into Raddlebarn from Cotteridge or bBournville. I live nearer to the school than those areas but was too far away to get DC into Reception this year, and all the new houses they are building on the old Selly Oak hospital site will be nearer the school than Cotteridge and Bournville.

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