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mimmum Wed 07-Apr-10 18:41:27

I have been thinking of getting ds a little extra support for some areas of literacy which he has been struggling with. I contacted a few agencies though I have to admit that I did not read all of the small print. I spoke to one agency over the phone and they sent someone over to speak to me in person. Looking back perhaps this should have been a warning sign of a hard sell, but I just saw it as customer service. Anyway she was very nice was good with ds but was not the tutor herself. She went through the program which sounded v good and got ds to do some writing, she said this would help assess him. She didn't directly mention money so I had to ask. It was v expensive working out around £43 an hour which I thought was a lot, but I would have been prepared to pay if I really thought it would help ds. But these were the deal breakers signing up for a minimum of 3 months and paying a month in advance and paying a £70 deposit before even having a tutor assigned. I said that I was def not prepared to pay a deposit or any make any kind of payment to them at all until I had had some details of the tutor and their experience etc. and I had judged for myself whether they were suitable or not. The woman acted v suprised and seemed to think I was being most unreasonable, but I just couldn't hand over that much money without having had something other than just words and assurances first. It had started to feel that it was all about her collecting the cash and I didn't feel comfortable was I wrong? She didn't even take ds work when she left I suppose without the cheques she had lost interest.

Batteryhuman Wed 07-Apr-10 18:44:07

£43 at primary level? Bloody hell! Sounds like a total rip off.

LynetteScavo Wed 07-Apr-10 18:46:12

Wow, I don't balme you!

I've always spoken to tutors first by phone to get a feeling if they will be able to work with DS or not. And the most I've ever paid is £25ph.

PaintPod Wed 07-Apr-10 18:48:55

what was the name of this tutoring company? I have dealt with them before and never heard of anything like this ?

kdk Wed 07-Apr-10 19:10:32

That sounds a huge amount - I'm in north London and the going rate round here is a (to me) whopping £25-30 per hour. Have you seen if any of the teachers at your ds's school are prepared to do any private tutoring ... or put a notice on the school notice board - or ask any other parents (though some I've heard can be a bit precious about this)?

Optimism Wed 07-Apr-10 23:26:05

As a teacher/tutor myself that sounds outrageous! I will always meet my pupils before beginning to teach them in order to put both the children and their parents at ease and to discuss experience and expectations and how I can best support each individual child. I would never feel comfortable letting someone else do this for me and I don't understand how any decent tutor would.

Re cost, what area are you in? I think prices vary depending on where you are. When I was in London the going rate for a well qualified, experienced teacher was about £40 per hour, in Surrey, it's less than that.

That agency do not deserve anyone's custom if that's the way they go about things.

Asking at your child's school sounds like a good idea, especially if there is a teacher there your ds has a good relationship with. I know lots of teachers who do some tutoring on the side and this will have the added benefit that it will support the work that he is doing in school.

cornsilk Wed 07-Apr-10 23:32:03

that's really expensive and tutor woman sounds unprofessional and money grabbing to treat you like that.

BrigitBigKnickers Thu 08-Apr-10 00:31:39

I think I contacted this agency when I was looking for a short term tutor for my DD for an entrance test. Fleet tutors?

I thought they were really pushy and that it was a total rip off.

Have you thought about trying a Kip Mcgrath tuition centre? My younger DD had tuition with our local one for her 11+ and I was very impressed- she really enjoyed going (and passed so it was well worth it! grin)

My nephew aged 8 struggles a bit at school and has had similar experiences with his local Kip centre.

cornsilk Thu 08-Apr-10 11:29:28

I have used KipMcGrath and thought they were good

emy72 Thu 08-Apr-10 14:13:32

OMG I would contact watchdog on this one!
Tutor agencies work that you contact they put you in touch with the tutor and then you pay them once you have received a lesson. Tutors for primary are from £20 to a max of £25/30 I guess in London. You did right not to give her the money, I would have done the same. Gosh the rip off merchants out there are so many it makes me so angry grrrrr

mimmum Mon 12-Apr-10 21:43:51

Thank you for your replies, I'm glad you think I wasn't being unreasonable as she made me feel as if I was being completely neurotic and ridiculous. There is a kip mcgrath near us so will have a look at this. Has anybody heard of readers are leaders and have any opinions on it, it looks expensive and makes grand claims but I'm worried its too good to be true!

mimmum Mon 12-Apr-10 21:54:38

Sorry that should be leaders are readers.

strawberrykate Tue 13-Apr-10 09:30:31

Personally I'd ask around to find a primary teacher looking for extra cash. Most teachers I know have done this in the first few years, including myself.

LadyMucca Fri 11-Jun-10 23:17:26

Message withdrawn

MissLiz Wed 06-Oct-10 12:45:18

I tutor the 7+ class at Leaders are Readers on Saturday mornings at the Winchmore Hill branch. I've had some really positive feedback from parents as their children love the material and find that they have more confidence to participate as the classes are so small. As well as out Maths and Language Sense (English) programmes, we also have an award-winning Reading Programme for the little ones.

If you want to help your children get ahead and gain confidence, I would definitely recommend it!

sarahfreck Wed 06-Oct-10 15:38:03

I am a tutor in Greater Manchester and do not charge anywhere near £43 per hour ( I wish!)I would always be happy to meet and have a chat with parents, show them my references and CRB check etc before they commit to tutoring and I only ask that they pay for each lesson at the end of it. (Though I do charge for sessions cancelled at short notice.)
I'd always try and find someone by personal recommendation first so ask around other parents you know and the school.
Take care with agencies. Some are good but others are not and as they are always taking a cut of the money they may be more expensive than finding a tutor working independently.
I'm glad people have had good results with Kip McGrath as I've not heard such good things. Be aware that they are teaching groups of children (about 4-6) in one session so the amount of individual time your dc will get will be less than the hour you pay for. It can have problems for the quieter shyer child who finds asking for help tricky, particularly when there is another child in the group who demands a lot of attention.

I hope you find someone good. you could always try the Association of Tutors
as I know they have a very rigorous vetting procedure. They don't charge for helping match you up with a tutor either.

astarmathsandphysics Wed 13-Oct-10 11:31:05

I am a tutor, and I will not meet parents and student first for what is effectively a job interview. It takes a couple of hours with no guarantee and I have so much work to do. Sounds too much like self sacrifice.

veryweirdteacher Wed 13-Oct-10 21:27:20

I am a tutor and have been for 12 years.
i ask parents to pay half a term upfront, but I meet them before the first lesson- free of charge.
I charge £35 but I have specialist training and work with children with special needs. This is an outer London rate.

Camp Thu 14-Oct-10 06:07:59

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

mollie1968 Thu 14-Oct-10 20:53:03

personal- tutors, we typed in what we wanted and then they supplied a list of local tutors, crb checked and tel call first, we could not have asked for a better teacher fro our daughter.

BondGirl008 Wed 05-Jan-11 13:19:25

Gosh, that sounds as if you were really unlucky! Having to pay a deposit is ridiculous!

We live down in Surrey and used Southern Tutors as they were recommended by a school friend.

They were very good and my two boys got into our first choice of school.

Yoursmartchildnow Sun 13-Feb-11 17:19:19

Message deleted

Supermumz Mon 14-Feb-11 09:58:05

If there are any English tutors out there in SW London, can you pls contact me. I'm looking for DS who is in Year 4.

Or if anyone can recommend, would be most grateful !

Supermumz Mon 14-Feb-11 09:59:18

Can we contact the school directly to find out if there are primary teachers looking for some extra income? Does that leave any negative impression?

IndigoBell Mon 14-Feb-11 10:19:08

I don't think teachers are allowed to privately tutor kids from their own school.

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