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Darell Primary School Richmond

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yorkshirerunner Mon 29-Mar-10 23:12:44

Does anyone have any children at Darell and what do they think of it? Are their children happy there?

Would really appreciate any feedback.

splodgekin Sat 24-Sep-11 18:12:28

I have one child already in the school and another who has just started this September. Myself and my husband have been more than happy with the school over the past 4 years. The teachers are very approachable, the children are grounded and well mannered, but above all happy.
The school is entering a new and exciting phase not only with all the new buliding work going on to enhance and improve the school, but also with appointment of the new Head and Deputy Head teachers, new energy, new ideas.
Yes I was greeted with the same "Darell"? really? when we found out our first child was going there...but so glad she did go there.
I am afraid in this area it is very competitive, and certain schools always will be regarded higher than others, but Darell should not be looked down upon...go to the the teachers...but above all else meet the children, they speak volumes!

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